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User Info: ChrisR07

4 weeks ago#11
I love both, but the atmosphere in REmake is some of the best in the industry. Plus I’m always biased towards RE1 since it was my first Resi game and its remake is amazing.
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User Info: KillerKhan420

4 weeks ago#12
REmake has a better atmosphere for sure, but it's not fair to compare psx graphics to GameCubes as re2 has very bright graphics compared to all the things they could pull off on GameCube.

I'd call it close to a tie, but re2 just has more replayability to it.
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User Info: jpv2000

4 weeks ago#13
REmake! It is still my personal greatest video game ever! I have it on Gamecube (now play it on Wii), PS3 and PS4. It was the first game I ever got the Platinum Trophy for.
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User Info: FranciscoGamer9

4 weeks ago#14
I did not expect REmake to be winning against RE2 on the RE2 board.
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User Info: IronAvenger08

4 weeks ago#15
Remake is still eerie to play. Especially the Lisa Trevor segments. Also speedrunning with Crimson Heads running after you isn't a happy time neither.

User Info: ThePock

4 weeks ago#16
I liked the pacing and setting of RE2 more than RE1/REmake's. Also main characters being rookie and amateur makes it better.
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User Info: huyi

4 weeks ago#17
resident evil 2 was released on gamecube too, both should be equal.
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User Info: tombrady3to1

4 weeks ago#18
REmake forever.
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