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User Info: Malakaz

1 month ago#1
Will you start as Leon or as Claire? - Results (188 votes)
55.32% (104 votes)
44.68% (84 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Residentevil.net will now track little items like this as sort of fun facts. That's how they know how many people played the demo and who beat the demo. If you are registered to RE.net of course.

User Info: Hero3ziz

1 month ago#2
Leon. Save the best for last.
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User Info: hyperius1

1 month ago#3
It's honestly really tough. Claire is my favorite, so I want to play as her, but a part of me wants to play her last so that I dont get hit with "game" fatigue. I feel like I would stop halfway through as Leon from replaying similar event between characters.
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User Info: lightthefuse

1 month ago#4
Whichever one is more difficult first. But also Claire because she appeals to me the most right now.

User Info: mert20004

1 month ago#5
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User Info: MattVSin

1 month ago#6
I always played Claire A/Leon B so I guess Claire.
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User Info: Thierrymon

1 month ago#7
Probably Leon as that is how i did it in the original game.

User Info: HaleyT

1 month ago#8
Was going to play Leon but with that leak going around on reddit now, I think I have to go with Claire.

User Info: whitecrackan69

4 weeks ago#9
Claire because the grenade launcher looks fun to use.

User Info: Crimson_Storm

4 weeks ago#10
whitecrackan69 posted...
Claire because the grenade launcher looks fun to use.

Wait till you see the custom shotgun
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