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User Info: DevinePunisher

4 weeks ago#1
Who is stronger, and if the two faced off, who would win ?

BTW, who is Mr X anyways and what are his origins ? I was afraid to play RE2 as a kid but somehow I did play RE3 in 97'.
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User Info: ClarkyMalarky

4 weeks ago#2
Nemesis, no question.
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User Info: FNFred

4 weeks ago#3
Nemesis by far.

10 to 0.
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User Info: BigLongDowner

4 weeks ago#4
Definitely have to give the edge to Nemesis, but if we're talking current then I'm going to wait and see how he is in REmake 2.

Of course when Nemesis remake arrives then he'll more than likely be terrifying as all hell.
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User Info: weekoldhotdog

4 weeks ago#5
DevinePunisher posted...
I was afraid to play RE2 as a kid but somehow I did play RE3 in 97'.

How did you play 3 two years before it's release?
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User Info: WindMouseHanpan

4 weeks ago#6
Nemesis, easily.

As for who Mr. X is, he is a special tyrant developed by Umbrella for the purpose of recovering the G-Virus sample, as well as eliminating the RPD. His model number/actual name is T-00.
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User Info: KillerKhan420

4 weeks ago#7
Nemesis is smarter and can use a rocket launcher. X is killed by a rocket launcher, do the math.
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User Info: ZenTen

4 weeks ago#8
It'd be close?
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User Info: WingZero0782

4 weeks ago#9
ZenTen posted...
It'd be close?

Dumb post.
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User Info: SevenX

4 weeks ago#10
Nemesis is basically a superior and smarter version of the T-103 which who's Mr. X really is.
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