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  3. Only 29% of people completed the demo not good

User Info: Will446

2 months ago#1
So yeah world wide stats are up. It seems not including the easy difficulty has people not completing the demo and complaining about zombie’s heads being bullet sponges.

This could be bad news for Capcom who is depending on sales but if this gets wind that this game might not have an easy/arranged mode the majority of potential sales will be lost.

I think it was a bad move focusing on normal/hard mode as hardcore players no one really makes games for them since they are a small minority and those studios end up going bankrupt or missing large potential sales alienating the majority of potential consumers. I hope the full release will include an Arrange/Very Easy Mode and I hope this wasn’t the ‘easy’ mode otherwise word will spread fast.

User Info: Vyrulisse

2 months ago#2
Most people took their time and explored rather than speedrunning it I imagine.

User Info: gamestunner

2 months ago#3
Or, maybe a lot of people were like me and just explored in awe a bit and didn't pay attention to the timer, also I didn't really want to get into anything so it's fresh in my mind come release day.

User Info: ReceiverxWisdom

2 months ago#4
Another doom and gloom post. Some people said they're skipping the demo because the game is two weeks away. Relax lol.
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User Info: gamester091

2 months ago#5
Vyrulisse posted...
Most people took their time and explored rather than speedrunning it I imagine.

This, one streamer i watched made 10 accounts in order to fully explore everything. Only got 2 rooms in on the first account before the timer was up due to exploring and talking about the differences in those rooms from the original
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User Info: ChrisR07

2 months ago#6
And replayed the demo on multiple accounts.
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User Info: Cercueil

2 months ago#7
I only played to see the controls and how they felt so I popped a few zomboes and called it.
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User Info: Billysan

2 months ago#8
It's a demo with a 30 minute timelimit....

Yeah it's easy to make it to the end ASAP but I'm guessing many people simply wanted to explore.

User Info: MattVSin

2 months ago#9
I've only been able to download it so far since the kids are still up.

Give it time.
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User Info: Oni Seraph

Oni Seraph
2 months ago#10
I searched everything and looked through all the rooms while moving as quickly as I could. I ran out of time after I got the second medallion. How many people reached 30 mins? I bet its more than 29%.
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  3. Only 29% of people completed the demo not good
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