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User Info: ImaPC

2 months ago#1
Weak Zombies taking 5+ rounds to the head to put down now? A basic Zombie should take 1-2 headshots to drop, with very rare occurrences when it might take 3. Dunno. Really kind of turned off with the game now, and I'm thinking I might be waiting for a deep discount on this one.

User Info: PhazonReborn

2 months ago#2
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User Info: SiLVeR_420

2 months ago#3
The originals zombies to 5+ shots though.
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User Info: Colin_B91

2 months ago#4
If the game is too hard for you OP you should just skip it.
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User Info: Buumbi

2 months ago#5
I mean, the zombies in REmake took a ton of shots to put down too. Also, with the OTS style of gameplay we have here, it makes sense to make the enemies a little more durable for tension.

The game would be a cake walk if you could just go around pew pew-ing every zombie you encountered.
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User Info: Syn_Vengeance

2 months ago#6
Clearly you have never played an RE game before, RE2 and 3 can take 5-8 shots to kill a zombie with the handgun. RE1 and REmake can take 8-10 shots to kill a zombie. If they took 1-2 headshots to drop with the handgun, the game would be incredibly easy. Would also make things like the shotgun completely pointless.
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User Info: Crimson_Storm

2 months ago#7
Syn_Vengeance posted...
Clearly you have never played an RE game before
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User Info: ImaPC

2 months ago#8
I mean, that's the way it should be. You shoot something in the head it goes down. You shoot a zombie in the head and it's dead. It's how it's been forever with Zombies. Emptying half a magazine into a generic zombie to put it down is totally dumb.

User Info: Terenigma

2 months ago#9
Colin_B91 posted...
If the game is too hard for you OP you should just skip it.

OP said he made 5 headshots and your immediate reply is to suggest they are struggling with the game? They can clearly aim and are complaining (rightly) about the zombies being bullet sponges. Meanwhile you are here identifying the problem OP has incorrectly whilst also acting like a total d*** for no reason.

On topic:
I fully agree, 2 headshots should bring a zombie down to the ground at the very least. Upgrades for weapons might change this but they did feel a bit too bullet spongy for my liking. We don't know anything about the game yet tho, it could be that once you put them down, they are gone for good and don't respawn in the area like the old games and thus the extra ammo you spend could work out in the long run.
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User Info: UltimaDagger

2 months ago#10
Yeah... Mr X, Birkin and the Lickers should all die with one headshot too, it doesn't make sense for something to survive a headshot!
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