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User Info: Mr_Big_Boss

3 months ago#1

I noticed this before but only played with the maps today. There are several problems with the map locations, you can tell there wasn't very good planning involved with this game.

Check out these contradictions lol

Here is the basement behind the portrait in the main hall of the mansion. Nothing wrong, right?

Now here it is again with the other basement that you access from the steam pipe room behind the kitchen. These 2 basements are lined up correctly and they are both on the same level, 1 flight of stairs down.


Oh wait! Let's not forget to add the train station you access from the ladder next to the steps of the main hall


Now let's look at the lab trolley connecting to the RE2 factory (which is under the train station). Is that really how the trolley is set up? It makes a sharp turn like that? I assumed it only went straight until I played with the map. It must be a magic trolley.


Now let's look at the treatment plant in relation to the mansion. How far down was the freight lift in RE2? It felt like it went down for a loooong time, now add an additional 6 floors to that and that's how far underground we are, yet somehow there is a dam...outside.


and don't forget that the RPD building is very close to this mansion due to the lab and factory being directly underneath it. Also how did the treatment plant and mansion both blow up but the RE2 factory did not? You also have to ask if this mansion blew up, how come Alpha team didn't see the smoke and fire from it while they found the Bravo team helicopter? The chopper was near the RE1 mansion, which is in walking distance from the RE0 mansion. Better question is why would they even need a chopper when they are so close the RPD building? It would be faster for Rebecca to walk back into the city.

*some of these were made with parts of DEngels maps posted here on GFAQS
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User Info: Syn_Vengeance

3 months ago#2
Most of Zero makes no sense.
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User Info: Recycled

3 months ago#3
RE0 is the Dark Souls 2 of RE.

User Info: SonicGTX

3 months ago#4
Whoa I love RE Zero but I aint even gonna try to defend that

User Info: MrWayne

3 months ago#5
The marshaling yard and lab turntable is on the very outskirts of Raccoon City on the border with the forest. The RPD is practically in the centre of town. The cable car Leon and Claire took from the sewers to get there is longer than the game makes it out to be.

The dam is actually underground.

The Arklay Mansion isn't walking distance from the training facility. When Delta Team report they have gained control of the train Birkin notes its location as three miles away from the mansion. It then continues for an unspecified further distance before reaching the underground station.

You can't walk back to the RPD from the mansion. Wesker's Report II notes the forest is huge and the only viable way to reach its deepest recesses is via helicopter. Enrico presumably started following the train tracks (in the wrong direction) and eventually ended up back in the very outskirts of the city near the marshalling yard - and to be fair it took him most of the night to do this.

The main problem is the inclusion of RE2's lab at all, which we subsequently discovered was added late in development as a homage to expand the finale of the game but they didn't really think too much about the specifics of it, hence the problems. Originally Rebecca was to go directly from the training facility to the water treatment plant. There is evidence of this still in the final game. If you examine the water intake pipes in the facility basement the description says something to the effect of 'This must run to the treatment plant next door.' Also in the concept art section for Zero in the first Archives book and the Kaitai Shinsho guidebook, there is no artwork whatsoever for the RE2 lab, but every other stage in the game is covered.

Zero certainly has its geography issues for sure, but that's just a few observations. The 'Magic Elevator' is another infamous example. The top floor which connects the lab to the underground train station doesn't exist canonically. Its simply a purposeful gameplay device to negate the amount of backtracking needed to recover dropped items due to the awful decision to remove the item boxes. If the top floor existed canonically it would place the training facility floating on a cloud in the sky somewhere directly above the marshalling yard.

User Info: Darkside_Hazuki

3 months ago#6
RE0 visually was fantastic and I liked everything about the train scenes. The music also had its moments.

But everything after the train section...absolute dogs***. Worst "creature variety" and design I've ever seen in the franchise next to Rev1 and RE7. It also made RE1 Rebecca seem like a joke by making us think she did all that crap in 0 before ending up in the Mansion save room or knowing that freakin' Enrico wandered all the way into the RE2 lab. Game sucked then and it sucks now.

Billy was smart to not come back, don't put that man in anything crappier than the game he debuted in.
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User Info: Draug

3 months ago#8
Talk about obsession, all that work must have taken quite a while to do... What's so difficult with just ignoring it? Try to have fun instead while playing, I certainly had!
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User Info: BrandonHennig

3 months ago#9
Draug posted...
Talk about obsession, all that work must have taken quite a while to do... What's so difficult with just ignoring it? Try to have fun instead while playing, I certainly had!

Oh, so you're one of those "turn off your brain" types. Yeah some people like using their brain, It's the major thing that separates us from the other creatures of this earth. Have fun being not using your higher functions.
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User Info: TheMbadi

3 months ago#10
Draug posted...
What's so difficult with just ignoring it?

Because some people are just bothered by inconsistencies like that. I never noticed the messed up layout, but something about the locations in RE0 has always felt wrong to me. I never bothered checking, because the whole game was not that great of an experience to me.
Putting effort and thought into something that 75% of gamers would probably never even notice might seem unnecessary to some (maybe even most) people, but I do believe that those tiny details can have big influence on how well the overall product is received. My favorite games (some of which are still considered timeless classics) all follow that vision. Have you ever played Symphony of the Night for example? That game is brimming with detail and love for small things. For example: Did you know that the image of an angel can be seen everytime you use the Holy Sword's special attack? It's only there for a very short time, barely even noticeable. Most people will probably never notice that angel, but I did, back when I was a kid. I didn't know what it was immediately, but I knew I just saw something. So I started playing around, trying to bring up the map screen at just the right moment (because the game would pause without going into a seperate screen everytime you open the map) and eventually I discovered that stupid picture of an angel. It was awesome.

What I'm trying to say is that even small details like that have influence on how well the game is received. RE0 is considered one of the most unpopular games in the series and it is for a reason. Now I'm not saying that one detail "broke" the game, but it just adds to the overall unpolishednes (is that even a word) of RE0. Aside from the story not making much sense, the enemy design being not that great and the locations (aside from the train) not being very memorable, now even the layout doesn't make sense. It's not really a problem, yes, but I do believe that it was part of the reason why RE0 always felt "weird" to me.
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