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User Info: Nordairan

3 months ago#1

User Info: PyroBlondie4

3 months ago#2

User Info: Trigger Zero

Trigger Zero
3 months ago#3
There's nothing confirmed from Capcom so I have to agree, it's just clickbait.
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User Info: Recycled

3 months ago#4
Too much text.
Can't they summarize it?

User Info: Syn_Vengeance

3 months ago#5
@Recycled posted...
Too much text.
Can't they summarize it?

Basically they think because Leon and Claire have some similar scenes in the videos out there, that Capcom is lying and there is an A and B scenario.
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User Info: Syn_Vengeance

3 months ago#6
This is my opinion of it.

Leon and Claire are getting a campaign each, we know this for fact. What I think is going to happen is that it’s going to be similar to REmake. Basically you start a game, it asks what character you want and then what difficulty.

Leon and Claire’s campaigns will play out very similar, just like Chris and Jills did in REmake. The only difference being character specific interations, like Claire running into irons and Sherry, while Leon deals with Ada and Ben. Similar to how Chris only sees Rebecca and Jill only sees Barry in REmake.

I think most boss fights will be at the exact same place in the exact same fashion. Hence Capcom saying that the campaigns are a mix of each characters A and B scenarios. This would also explain why the zapping system is gone since both campaigns will be similar like REmake.

Basically the same campaign from 2 different perspectives and with different interactions with different characters. All the key elements will be the same in both campaigns though.

1.Both will meet Marvin in the same way.
2. Both will fight Birkin form 1 at the same place.
3. Both with be introduced to Mr.X in the same spot.

So on and so forth.
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User Info: drig

3 months ago#7
It's not important to me, but i know the question will be asked.
If the characters share the exact same boss encounters, what will that do to the canon? The official story can only follow either Leon or Claire that way.

User Info: Cobra1010

3 months ago#8
I would prefer that its one canon storyline instead of like in RE1, we dont know if jills scenario is canon or chris'. But what ever.
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User Info: QuadManX

3 months ago#9
Maybe it's simply being able to play Leon's campaign as Claire, and vice versa, after beating the game. Leon "A" and Claire "B" are still the new canon, but they'll give the option to play as the other as just a bonus. *shrug*
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User Info: shinefist101

3 months ago#10
Maybe they both fight Birkin form 1 . Leon fights him first and manages to escape, whilst Claire fights him second then Birkin falls off the walkway, for example.

So maybe they have different cut scenes to keep the scenarios together.

That would really hurt the game if you fought all the bosses at the same locations. I'm hoping this isn't the case.
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