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  3. Why Capcom decided to ruin Leon's character in the remake ?!

User Info: AmandaValentine

3 months ago#131
Do you know why people hated Rey and loved Luke from Star Wars? It’s because Luke had character development and we saw him grow overtime. Rey was perfect from the beginning and that is unrealistically boring. So why is Leon suddenly an issue? I find his character to be more appealing if this is the case, someone caught up in a disaster needing help so that he in the end can become the experience Leon he is in RE4. That is what I call character growth. Don’t get me wrong, both Claire and Leon seems fine in this Remake, storywise.
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User Info: Lansfield

3 months ago#132
You mean giving him a good looking model who looks kind of tough compared to average pretty girl claire is ruining his character?
Claire looks like the girly sister I never had. And no she would not survive a zombie apoc

User Info: gostao

3 months ago#133
Leon turned back into baby maybe capcom will put into diapers too in some update after the game launched is will be funny if he is trouble and got saved for Sherry ?

User Info: qqwwqw

3 months ago#134
gostao posted...
will be funny if he is trouble and got saved for Sherry ?

I hope this happen, this will be the biggest meme in RE history 😂

User Info: Sephiroth256

3 months ago#135
Aww man this topic started off great. Someone mentioned Conditioning, then another mentioned toxic masculinity and woke, and finally some guy was talking about how he makes amends by sharing his wife. True noble act indeed.

After that, it got all stupid and whiny with people jumping about on some dumb crap about who said who and what said what and trying to play the troll really hard when its obvious its one guy going back and forth on several different accounts....

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User Info: King_Kash

3 months ago#136
The only thing strong about Claire is that face....I'm joking

User Info: Novamarine39887

3 months ago#137
*sips evening tea while looking at another troll-related trainwreck on the RE2 Remake boards* Ahh, I do so love the taste of salt. Carry on, fellow countrymen!
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User Info: WindMouseHanpan

3 months ago#138
I really don't see the problem. Leon was a total rookie in RE2, he wasn't some action movie hero at that point, it was his first day on the job and he was thrown into a zombie apocalypse.

Yes, he seemed more capable in the original, but back then they didn't have much focus on character and development.
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  3. Why Capcom decided to ruin Leon's character in the remake ?!
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