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  3. Is anyone so excited for RE2:remake that they buy two copies of the game?

User Info: PyroBlonde

3 months ago#1
To support Capcom and their decision to make the superior and proper remake of an old game? - Results (37 votes)
Yes. I'm really excited.
13.51% (5 votes)
Yes. I want to support Capcom.
0% (0 votes)
Maybe later.
2.7% (1 vote)
83.78% (31 votes)
This poll is now closed.

User Info: WarGreymon77

3 months ago#2
I'm sure you'll buy 50. One for each alt.
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User Info: PyroBlonde

3 months ago#3
WarGreymon77 posted...
I'm sure you'll buy 50. One for each alt.

I don't have any alts. Stop with this bulls***.

User Info: HaleyT

3 months ago#4
Im broke and that would cost $180

User Info: Buumbi

3 months ago#5
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User Info: KillerKhan420

3 months ago#6
They haven't have this so called "redemption arc" people are claiming yet. It's still a long road to fixing all the bulls***, and recently putting ads in sf5 ain't helping to fix it but maybe they just don't give a f*** cause that games been a dumpster fire since day 1.

I'll buy re2 remake because it's re2. If they put a bunch of bulls*** dlc in here that adds more to the story I'll be pissed.
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User Info: JMartin1983

3 months ago#7
I'm definitely interested in the game. Just not enough for two copies. I've never bought two copies of anything anyways and probably never will (unless it was to gift to a friend).

Game looks really well made and besides a few nitpicks, I think the game in general will be very fun.

That being said, I will probably wait a little bit before I decide to pick it up. End of January tends to be busy for me.
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User Info: Venage27

3 months ago#8
RIP to your parent's credit card Blondie.

User Info: edward18

3 months ago#9
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User Info: Middle hope

Middle hope
3 months ago#10
I got 4.

One for me
One for my giveaway
One for a friends birthday
One for my daughter
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  3. Is anyone so excited for RE2:remake that they buy two copies of the game?
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