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  3. When you saw Mr. X and G-Birkin for the first time, what do you guys called them

User Info: Seven-X

3 months ago#1

User Info: Recycled

3 months ago#2
Nothing, I have trouble understanding how it's humanly possible that players ever memorize enemies names in games unless they appear on screen all the time (like Pokémon). Even when they appear momentarily like in FF battle screen, I can't remember them.

User Info: Goldsickle

3 months ago#3
It was a pain to read some FAQs back in the early 00's.

The FAQ writers would just make up names for enemies that they don't know, because not all games had a gallery or have the enemy's name introduced.

I remember reading an Onimusha FAQ where Gyarans are called "Blue Floating Skull Thing" and Bazuus are called "Rolling Dinos".
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User Info: Syn_Vengeance

3 months ago#4
Birkin and Mr.X

I had the Brady games strategy guide and that’s what they called them, if I remember correctly.
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User Info: CurrentBigThing

3 months ago#5
I knew X was a Tyrant so me and my friend used to call him Mr. T lol
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User Info: edward18

3 months ago#6
Tyrant and Birkin. I never called it Mr. X.
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User Info: Epyonwings

3 months ago#7
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User Info: SSJ_Jin

3 months ago#8
Birkin - Tyrant
Mr. X - The White Guy

User Info: BOMB_SHOT

3 months ago#9
I thought the mutha****er was a robot at first until people told me otherwise. Dude was eating those grenade launcher shots like a ****ing boss. Birkin that crazy ***** with the pipe just looks like another generic mutated human to me.

User Info: Minatokun13

3 months ago#10
That guy and that other guy.
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  3. When you saw Mr. X and G-Birkin for the first time, what do you guys called them
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