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    Suspiria posted...
    Unskippable cutscenes are stupid, but that's faaaar from being one of the main issues with this game what with it being yet another rehash of the atrocious RE4 BS with the s***ty RE7 engine that results in Golum looking characters.

    While I agree with your sentiments, you'd be better off calling it "atrocious over the shoulder BS" than RE4 BS since this does seem to be a proper survival horror title and not mindless action schlock.

    Personally although I despise OTS for taking over gaming like a virus I'm more pissed off about them changing character appearances and retconning character motivations and action than it being OTS. Ruins the whole point of remaking it to me. Yeah yeah "reimagining" whatever...to me that's an excuse to just make any arbitrary change without any real thought put into how it effects continuity with the game this is supposed to be a sequel to (Ada).
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