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User Info: Therese

6 days ago#1
Do you likw Chris as a character? - Results (157 votes)
I like Chris
73.25% (115 votes)
I actually don't give a s*** about Chris
26.75% (42 votes)
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I think Chris is bland and boring af, even Wesker's more iconic than him despite having less appearances.

User Info: dybyhands

6 days ago#2
Nothings Shocking

User Info: master_m11

6 days ago#3
No, I think Chris is boring as s***.
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User Info: DigitalMorph

6 days ago#4
I thought he was ok in re1, but I grew to like him less and less as the series went on
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User Info: edward18

6 days ago#5
in 1, Umbrella Chronicles, Code Veronica, and 5 yes
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User Info: Syn_Vengeance

6 days ago#6
Yes, Chris has been my favorite character since day one. From his B-movie goofyness in the orginal RE1 to his downfall in RE6. Despite his redesign in RE7 I still liked him, he still acted, sounded and felt like Chris to me. To me, he is the only character that has stayed consistent and interesting throughout the series.
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I don't dislike him, but I wouldn't say I'm a fan.

Chris is the everyman hero guy turned into a roided out jock. But I don't really think there's anything here so offensively bad that I could actively dislike him. He just shows up a lot.
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User Info: Crimson_Storm

6 days ago#8
Yes, he’s my favorite character in RE, but I feel iffy about the RE7 Chris.
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User Info: Pyr0Blondie

6 days ago#9
Nobody likes him. He doesn't even belong in RE1/Res*** Remastered as much as fixed camera. My opinion!

User Info: pfh1001

6 days ago#10
I don't hate him, but Leon and Jill are much better leads.
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