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  3. Would it be possible to add RE3 as DLC?

User Info: benjatron1701

8 months ago#1
You’re already going to have the streets of Raccoon City and the Police Station; Just add the Clock Tower, Hospital, and Water Treatment plant areas to the game and we’d basically have RE3 Remake. It might be a $40 DLC but I’d still buy it.

User Info: Mr_M0j0_Rising

8 months ago#2
Anything is possible.

Except this.
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User Info: solarboy52

8 months ago#3
Is it possible? Yes.
Is it a good idea in any way, shape, or form? NO
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User Info: Rami_

8 months ago#4
Why limit something to a DLC when they could expand and add so much more onto it on it's own? I do not get it.
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User Info: CODEumb87

8 months ago#5
Very possible. If they threw a big character like Chris into an expansion DLC for RE7 then what's stopping them from doing the same with Jill for the remake?

User Info: Lord-Greyjoy

8 months ago#6
Only people who have never played RE3 think this stupid s***.

User Info: TheMbadi

8 months ago#7
Why should Capcom make a $40,- DLC, when they could just expand on the game to make it worth the full price? Hell, they could even add another $200,- collectors box.

Besides, Capcom would have to add way more than just a few locations.
They would have to make new enemy models, since there are no Hunters, Drain Demos, Grave Diggers and Worms in RE2 and even normal zombies behave quite differently. They'd also have to make new character models for Jill, NIcholai, Mikhail, Carlos and even all the unimportant side characters like Dario and Brad (unless they scrap those, which would already be stupid). With how realistic the faces look now, they would have to hire new face models and maybe even new voice actors.
The soundtrack would also need to be remade.

So why should they reduce RE3make to a mere RE2make DLC? It just doesn't seem logical to me. This isn't like the Crhis Redfield DLC in RE7, were Capcom already had the enemy/character models and the voice actors.

And besides, how stupid would it be to make a main, numbered entry of a series as DLC for another numbered entry?

"The Resident Evil 3 Remake DLC for the Resident Evil 2 Remake!"
It wouldn't even sound good.

User Info: Rizeroth

8 months ago#8
Lord-Greyjoy posted...
Only people who have never played RE3 think this stupid s***.

I have played it. It was my second RE game. I still think the same. Not the ENTIRE game. But parts of it.
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User Info: Metroidimplant

8 months ago#9
The only thing I could see them adding related to 3 is, a non canon mode called Nemesis mode, where Nemesis chases Leon and Claire though a certain amount of the game. You can kill him but he'll just keep getting back up after atleast half an hour, and hell keep coming after you until the second last boss if the game.

User Info: benjatron1701

8 months ago#10
Mr_M0j0_Rising posted...
Anything is possible.

Except this.

That is true. Anything is possible.
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