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  3. what exactly makes re2 better than re 3?

User Info: ienzo105

9 months ago#81
Honestly it's REALLY close, but I play RE2 more than 3. Something about 2 seems more darker. But by far the original "Resident Evil" was the most darkest and it had one of the best soundtracks (not the s***TY directors cut)

User Info: Rizeroth

9 months ago#82
yutterh posted...
CODEumb87 posted...
Lone_Wolf80 posted...
You should re-read your posts again. Each of your responses has been laced with condescending wording, phrasing and the like.

The post script and your response to it being spoken to someone else, and not the underlying meaning behind the phrasing proves that.

You are coming off as incredibly arrogant, which has been my entire issue with you. I know sarcasm is hard to read, but my initial post was overflowing with blatant sarcasm alluding to that.

I don't give a f*** if any of this is intentional or not, nor do I care which game you like. It's just the way your presenting yourself.

And yes, I know your next response to me will be something along the lines of "that's to bad for you, get over it and cry me a river and git gud" and whatever other Internet forum vomit you feel like spewing all over the place.

Actually, this will be my last response to you as you seem like the kind of fan that keeps on going like the enigizer bunny and all this back and forth does is add more toxicity to the forums. If there is one thing I learned from this wonderful little chat it’s that you have to be so careful and delicate with what you say or else you’ll hurt someone’s feelings. So I guess I’ll be the bigger person and stop since obviously that’s not what you were planning to do

Peace out.

*comes onto topic to post why RE2 is more praised then RE3, sees CODEumb87 get jumped for explaining the same thing*


*backs out slowly*
Zelda is a freaking NINJA!!

User Info: Lone_Wolf80

9 months ago#83
Wyldefyr posted...
Tricking my friend into speed running it 5 times in a row for the Akuma unlock makes 2 better then 3.

Best reason ever.

Also, total dick move.

(I approve)
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