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User Info: SSBBisawesome

9 months ago#161
I was 4 when the original came out. I remember that for the longest time I couldn’t even play it because I was terrified by being surrounded by zombies as soon as you start, so I’d shut the PS1 off immediately haha. It took until my mom bought me the N64 version when I was 6 that I was finally able to play through it.

I’ll be 25 when the Remake comes out.
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User Info: LazyAssNinja

9 months ago#162
I was about 10 when it first came out, I'll be 31 when the remake launches.
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User Info: GhostMaker1988

9 months ago#163
10. I will be 30.
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User Info: reverendmeta

9 months ago#164
17 when I first played it, will be 34 or 35 when the REmake comes out.

I remember being way more interested and impressed with 2 than I was 1 (which I kind of hated) but I never got as much time with it as I wanted. Bout time they got this bad boy remade.
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User Info: ArcadianGenesis

9 months ago#165
9 in 1998

30 in 2019
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User Info: DontTouchMyPie

9 months ago#166
I was probably 13 when I played it, when it came out digitally on ps3. Ill be 20 when the remake comes out (21 if it gets delayed by more than a few weeks)
Im really happy theyre staying true to the source material too. Game looks incredible.
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User Info: Legend524

9 months ago#167
HaleyTrapp posted...
Legend524 posted...
I was 14. My x let me borrow her copy.

Lmao I thought this said "Mr X let me borrow his copy"


User Info: ZeroX2010

9 months ago#168
I was 12 when I first played RE2 in 1999. I my parents originally bought the original PC version of the game, but it had trouble running on the crappy PC we had. We returned it in exchange for Resident Evil Director’s Cut: Duelshock Version. I rented the game before finally getting it for Christmas that year.

I’ll be 32 when the remake releases in January.
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User Info: Wyldefyr

9 months ago#169
Based on when it came out. 20.
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