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User Info: drclaeys

2 years ago#1

Tell me about this RPG please.

is it like download only??

How hard is it.

I have 2 JRPG's that I can not beat the final boss. So I really do not want to add another game with hard bosses.

Can you tell me about it. Please.
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User Info: Sorugue

2 years ago#2
lol everywhere I go rpg wise there you are Doc rofl. Well Ive been looking into this game myself, first off the Date is wrong, its actually releasing on PSN come Tuesday. Its an action JRPG that from the footage I have seen is akin to Devil may cry, though you can freely swap between two characters. It looks to be digital only as its an indie Kickstarter game, but its only $20 so IMO it couldn't hurt to try.

Here is the website that has footage of the game as well as its features http://www.gateofmemories.com/game/

Also since you seem to be more into WRPGs I would recommend checking out Techromancer which is due out 6/21, it seems to be almost mass effectish with the setting taking place on Mars.
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User Info: WishingTikal

2 years ago#3
In NA it's download only but Europe has a physical version if you want to buy it online they have it at play-asia.

It's not hard. The difficulty is just fine but if you are having trouble you can choose Easy (you can lower it in-game but then can't revert back to Normal).

It's an action RPG similar to Drakengard 3 and Nier. Personally I really enjoy it, it has a lot of mysteries to solve and it's very open-ended. You can level up your 2 characters with a skill tree.
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