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User Info: alucard0901

10 months ago#1
Hey guys found the first review for yooka laylee. Seems promising....
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User Info: 7656198

10 months ago#2
Sounds great. What they seem to dock points for, dialogue and characters, unlocking moves through Trouser, are things that don't bother me at all. That's what keeps it so in line with a late 90s platformer.

Can't wait to play this next week. Persona 5 will have to take a back seat for a few days for sure.
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User Info: chisoxrule

10 months ago#3
I'm making residual progress in Zelda BOTW (Switch version); no rush. This will be a nice break. I'm getting the PS4 version because I don't want to wait that long for Switch version and I prefer a physical copy.

Also the more like Banjo, the better IMO. The reviewer didn't sound like he was a big fan of those games which I've played mutiple times over...

User Info: SeahorseCpt89

10 months ago#4
So that's one good review vs one bad first impression (and to be fair, the latter is from Jim Sterling, whom I take with a grain of salt).
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User Info: pokemega32

10 months ago#5
...since when was Banjo-Kazooie's writing bad?
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User Info: Redd_White

10 months ago#6
pokemega32 posted...
...since when was Banjo-Kazooie's writing bad?

My reaction exactly.

User Info: MKScorpion

10 months ago#7
I think the question is, who is playing a game like this for deep thought provoking writing? Gotta have my Shakespearean writing in my 3d action platformer with a cartoon talking lizard.
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User Info: SlajifrasH045

10 months ago#8
First paragraph implying that banjo kazooie/tooie weren't better than mario 64. Well, this reviewer is a moron.
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