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User Info: DeathFan357

5 months ago#1
Funny story: I watched a friend play through one of the final fantasy games (I think it was IV). I thought it looked kinda boring. Later on my dad got me Super Mario RPG because I love Mario. I fell in love with it. Ever since, RPGs have been my favorite genre. Later I did play through the final fantasy games and loved those too.
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User Info: TiggerArmy

5 months ago#2
Buying this one game on a whim called "Mystic Quest" on the game boy (better known as Seiken Densetsu or Final Fantasy Adventure). The music, the gameplay it was all brilliant (well for MIDI files in those days) That must've been in the very early 90ies.

User Info: Exsilium1

5 months ago#3
I traded a TV to a friend of mine who was moving for a PS1 and FF7 in '98. Hooked since.
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User Info: PrizmSlash

5 months ago#4
Was a fan of anime, saw an anime-ish cover for a game. Bought it for the PS One. It was Wild Arms.

User Info: Ultima_Wraith

5 months ago#5
Phantasy Star 2, I burnt through games like kindling, rpgs kept me entertained for weeks or months instead of days.
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User Info: mjforeverwalker

5 months ago#6
I remember seeing a friend playing FF7, but I didn't think it looked all that interesting at the time. It didn't help that I didn't have a Playstation; I was a staunch Nintendo supporter.

Some time later, I played Chrono Trigger. I loved it. So, naturally, I wanted to play more games like that. It's still my all-time favorite too.

User Info: omgseal

5 months ago#7
i saw ff 8 on a blockbuster display. i looked at it and said 'omg wtf is this' i rented it and the rest is history.
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User Info: skermac

5 months ago#8
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User Info: hailthorn

5 months ago#9
I messed around on my uncle's Final Fantasy VII save when he had the airship and really liked the character designs.
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User Info: SmarterThanYou

5 months ago#10
My history with RPGs goes back to the late 70s/early 80s with tabletop games. Dungeons and Dragons, GURPS, Traveller, Aftermath! and similar games were a lot of fun in highschool/college. When computers started getting more common and popular, it made sense that RPGs would be some of the first games out. After all, they make good use of text (something computers are good at), math (the primary purpose of computers) and they don't necessarily require intense graphics (something early computers were completely terrible at).

The SSI Gold Box games, Eye of the Beholder, Pools of Radiance, Ultima, Wizardry, Might and Magic and other games helped me continue enjoying the hobby after my highschool/college groups went their separate ways after graduation. My first console RPG was the original Dragon Warrior on the NES, but the one that really grabbed me and sucked me in was Dragon Warrior 4. I've spoken my opinion about that game several times on this board, but it really was a revelation at the time. After that, I grabbed almost any RPG I could get my hands on, just to see what other amazing stories they had to tell.

Obviously not every game can be a masterpiece, but RPGs have proven over the years to be the most satisfying blend of gameplay and story for me. Every now and again, we're blessed with an RPG that is truly above and beyond all others. DQXI might not be that game for me, but that's only because it's had some truly amazing competition this generation.
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