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  2. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
  3. Overall, would you say Dragon Quest XI is a great game?

User Info: cheatermaster

4 months ago#1
Generally I guess the Dragon Quest series is usually not too popular in the west. I mean I believe it was one of the most popular in Japan, but in the west not so much. Anyways, would you say that Dragon Quest XI is a great game overall? Or not as good compared to a number of big name games (too lazy to think of what other big name games)?

User Info: Luminozero

4 months ago#2
Absolutely. I was hooked on this game from start to finish. That's rare for a jRPG. Normally I need to take a little break when it gets too grindy, but with this one I had to just keep playing to find out how it was going to progress and what was going to be answered.
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User Info: DarkWarl0rd

4 months ago#3
Good, but DQ pre-2k good?...no, absolutely not.

User Info: HMandACFan

4 months ago#4
Yes, I would say that. My favorite PS4 game by far, and my favorite new game I've played in several years.
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User Info: Monomate360

4 months ago#5
Yes its a great game and will become a true classic :)
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User Info: Kenneth_Writer

4 months ago#6
It was very difficult to tear me away from it, which didn't happen for a very long time with a brand new game. (As in not a remaster or port of an already beloved game.)

User Info: Hito_Shura

4 months ago#7
Of course

User Info: JustWatch

4 months ago#8
It's great enough that I wish the Switch version would come out sooner so I don't have to only play at home. If the Switch version were out, I could play at work during lunch breaks too :P
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User Info: Aeloria82

4 months ago#9
This game gave me so many feelers of nostalgia on top of fun new things.

User Info: Mako_Sharknado

4 months ago#10
Yeah, 'n I'm not a big Dragon Quest guy. It's a lotta fun ta play'n it's pretty

I don't think it does anything crazy enough ta make it an all-time great but I've been enjoyin' it a lot
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  2. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
  3. Overall, would you say Dragon Quest XI is a great game?
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