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  3. How much should I summon on 13 banner?
samxmas 1 year ago#1
Metamorphosis - Results (84 votes)
A few singles
22.62% (19 votes)
2 multis
33.33% (28 votes)
Singles until you get a new featured SSR
2.38% (2 votes)
1 singles every day
3.57% (3 votes)
There's no option for go ham or skip entirely because I won't lol
38.1% (32 votes)
This poll is now closed.
My banner's situation is like this:

13 banner:

13 new
non DFE Trunks new
Phycollo new
Jiren new
FP SS4ku new

Agl Turles rainbow
MVP 17 rainbow

LR Vegito banner:

LR Teq Vegito new
Trunksmai new
Agl Zamasu new
Teq Trunks new
Phy Vegito new

LR Agl Gohan 0 dupe
LR Vegito 0 dupe
Teq MZ 1 dupe

Phy VB rainbow

LR Gogeta banner:

LR Str Gogeta new
BardockGine new

LR Cell 0 dupe
DBS Broly 0 dupe
Agl Gogeta 0 dupe
SS4 Gogeta 0 dupe
Int Gogeta 1 dupe
Int Janemba 2 dupe
LR Phy Gogeta 3 dupe

Str Omega rainbow

I have: 800 stones

So... Based on my situation, how much stones should I spend on this banner?

I want 13 because of metamorphosis and android is one of my favorite team, but there's no rush. Though the amount of featured character that I haven't pulled makes this banner value goes up
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fudawg45 1 year ago#2
I voted the least amount possible.

Jiren is a category lead for a category you don’t have, that’s fair. But my understanding is you’ve already beat all the content he would lead anyways.

FPSS4 Goku I pretty much never use. Broly leads his category too, and is better. His defense is meager, but he does hit pretty hard. He only gets used when I feel like running goku family and pair him with LRSS4 Goku.

Phy Piccolo is a great unit without a team. They’ve screwed over namekians so hard by calling every piccolo the same name. Maybe in a few years there will be more namekians to make an awesome team, and by then you’ll probably pull this piccolo anyways.
Joestar 1 year ago#3
Are you going to do the poll's result?
Next time on dragon ball z
KnowsNoLimits 1 year ago#4
It all comes down to how many featured units help you and how bad you want him. Just be aware as a target leader skill he will be non existent, but as a unit himself he’s pretty good.

I say because you have a fetish for metamorphosis units at least a multi, maybe 2. Not more than that.
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Pookykin 1 year ago#5
I voted for skip. This is an easier skip than the Bardock banner and I already skipped that banner completely.

Android 13 is good, but I feel like the units in that banner is awful.

PHY Piccolo is amazing, but his category is limited.

5th anniversary banner is ridiculous compared to every upcoming banner in my opinion and even if you have stones leftover from pulling them early, the banners after 5th anniversary will be crazy.

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samxmas 1 year ago#6
Hmm thanks guys

Usually I'm more inclined to see what the post suggest me rather than poll. But sometimes I do what the poll said.

@fudawg45 @Pookykin @KnowsNoLimits

True... I've beaten every hard content, but there's new Extreme SBR that's coming, and I'm sure it'll introduce USS SBR...

FP SS4ku I can use as a sub with Gobros lead in battlefield. He's in Goku family so he's supported by Gobros leader skill, and Gobros, alongside with LR SS3ku is included in full power.

Phycollo is the only DFE who has an unconditional foresaw enemy super attack ability and he heals + infinitely stacks defense. So I'm more than happy to have him and put him in every hard mode he can fits on. He doesn't have to transform because his duty is to tell me which enemy will super.

That's why I can use every new DFE that's in the banner.

Not that I need them, but so are the LR fusions...

Hmm :(

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PB4UGo2Bed 1 year ago#7
Skip. I could see you you were asking about LR spirit bomb goku but not android 13. I mean he doesnt even have his trucker hat post awakening
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NoTrollGaming 1 year ago#8
I know you want him badly but , I’d say as minimum singles as possible, you are missing a lot of them units but tbh most of them aren’t that great

1-2 multis isn’t a bad shout considering u have better willpower than me so you can stop after that lol
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SuperVegitoFAN 1 year ago#9
How many stones do you have currently?

If you really want a go at it, id say spend stones until you hit an even 100

IE: If you have 650, thats 1 multi, if you have 570, thats 1 multi and 4 singles.

And so on.
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qwertyboy 1 year ago#10
Blow your entire load on 13 until you get him.
Like R Kelly

Yes I know I'm a bad person. Go ahead and report it, but it's kinda funny :)
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