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  3. Do you use mono-types or category teams for Battlefield/Virtual Dokkan?

User Info: RedAhmed

1 week ago#1
I used to use mono-types to beat all levels on Battlefield. But with the current one, I'm having trouble at lvl 3 (screw Kid Buu). Even a Super AGL team needs RNG luck to beat him, he wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for his ridiculous healing. I also don't always have a good mono-type team, Extreme TEQ is horrible.

This time, I decided to go for Category teams instead. And I realised I don't even know how most people approach this event. Was I playing the 'wrong' way the entire time?
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User Info: Ozarkk

1 week ago#2
I've been using mono-type teams because there is too much overlap among the categories for me to make and keep track of the solid teams I want to use. I'm sure I could figure it out if I wrote it all down but don't really have the time for that.
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User Info: swordz9

1 week ago#3
Ginyu Force for first stage and then all mono types

User Info: Sub-ZeroMKA

1 week ago#4
Monotype teams all the way.
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User Info: Onion3313

1 week ago#5
Mono-type teams for me.

User Info: zak_627

1 week ago#6
I use a mix of mono type and category, but it is all dependent on the enemy typing for that season.

I start my team building with stage 3. For the final five fights I will build my strongest mono team of each type in Super and Extreme. That way I have a lead team and a backup. 70 units

Then I look at the special fights. In the most recent Global battlefield that would be Android 19 and Great Saiyaman. Sealers and stunners team for Saiyaman, which a DB Saga team worked out extremely well for. Android 19 would be just left over units with a physical super attacks with type advantage. 14 units

Roshi in the first round can be dealt with with Ginyu Force/Planet Namek Saga. 7 units.

This leaves 21 units for the last two fights in stage 2. I'll mix some mono and category stuff depending on typing. The Nouva Shenron could be easily dealt with by leftover units with type advantage. Cooler was a little bit more tough. This last round he was TEQ, so I made an INT Time Travelers team that handled him pretty easily.

Next season with Babidi, Buu, and Jiren will definitely be tough. I will probably have to change my tactics slightly to account for those three.

User Info: momo92

1 week ago#7
Monotypes at first. If I have trouble, then stomp with category teams
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User Info: fudawg45

1 week ago#8
All mono type teams.

Super agl is particularly broken. SSBE pure saiyan lead and LR SS4 Goku secondary lead. A bunch of goku family pure saiyans for the rest and Buu doesn’t stand a chance.

User Info: jgok

1 week ago#9
Mono all the way

The only round I ever have trouble with is saiyman (I have been koed 2 times) but never lost a battlefield
swordz9 posted...
Ginyu Force for first stage and then all mono types

This is the way to go. first stage matches type with the last... and HARDEST stage

MIght have some category boosts active, due to using a duel type lead, ALA LR SS4 goku and LR SSJ Gohan for super agl.
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