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  3. What do you think was the most HYPE banner in Dokkan history?

User Info: BigPappy09

3 weeks ago#21
Other - Broly movie banners and the first guaranteed LR New Years banner.
The Christmas banner that featured SV gogeta and gotenks they were probably the best units in the game and they dropped all 3 on one banner
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User Info: PrynceNY

3 weeks ago#23
The Broly movie banners, the only downside was it was delayed on global.
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User Info: Igyzone

3 weeks ago#24
Year 3 was certainly a blast with these LR, but In my opinion the best was year 2 with STR ssj4 Goku and AGL ssj4 Vegeta. here's why.

  • First ever GT units of ss4 Goku and ss4 vegeta
  • First skill introductions of evading and countering enemy SA
  • Strongest units ever for long time if you played Japan. Global got it half year later after the first LR unit - Broly.
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User Info: swordz9

3 weeks ago#25
Gohan & Cell before they crippled them for “balance” >__>

User Info: DNC88

2 weeks ago#26
I voted Year 5.

I think in my heart, Year 3 has been the most hype I've experienced as a GLB player, but Y5 just has everything and I seriously cannot WAIT for it to hit GLB.

DDF each featuring 3 LRs and other top-tier units, amazing animations and utility for the main units, banner sub-units are also amazing in their own rights. Opportunity to do a free 55 unit summon with GLR at the end. Plenty of fresh content including a new F2P LR and 2 new EZA units.

They've literally thrown the book at Y5, and I for one can't wait.
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User Info: DemonSlayer92

2 weeks ago#27
Y'all must have lost your minds to have forgotten the absolute madness leading up to and during the 4th year anniversary. Nothing else has even remotely compared. Not even a little.
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  3. What do you think was the most HYPE banner in Dokkan history?
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