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User Info: KnowsNoLimits

1 week ago#1
I waited so long for Piccolo and Gohan’s EZA to come back and finally just finished both of them. Collected all the frogs and the f2p Frieza is rainbowed as well.

Currently farming Piccolo’s to raise all of the SA’s of the one I own.
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User Info: swordz9

1 week ago#2
Nothing. I’m out of content til Buuhan

User Info: momo92

1 week ago#3
Still doing the 2nd Form Frieza, his EZA is finished just need to SA farm and orbs

Trying and failing to clear the missions for Stage 2 of Infinite History in 1 go.

Out of STR orbs lol

So I have lots to do but I'm getting lazy again
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User Info: luisdg

1 week ago#4
Nothing. Pre farmed medals from the new dokkan event just because. Must find something to waste stamina on... 2nd form freezer for baba points maybe? Farm an extra strike character to unlock a path just to have a shiny star?
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User Info: I_Like_Stuffs_

1 week ago#5
Finishing up getting Second Form Frieza's potential orbs today. After that, probably nothing.
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User Info: fudawg45

1 week ago#6
Piccolos for str piccolo

User Info: chaosinuyasha

1 week ago#7
I may grind large orbs from Freeza's stage to sell for baba points but aside from that nothing....
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Farming some Kid Gohans to raise the SA of the TEQ Icarus one for when he gets his awakening but the drop rate is worse than I remember. Only one copy out of 100+ stamina...
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User Info: Joestar

1 week ago#9
SS goku.
Next time on dragon ball z

User Info: zak_627

1 week ago#10
Cyborg Tao SA tomorrow. Nothing after that. Everything is farmed until a few specific events return.
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  3. What is everyone farming?
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