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User Info: NobleWill8

1 month ago#51
chrisscorsese88 posted...

How does he have both Shattering the Limit and Fierce Battle? Units cannot have both.

Huh, really? Never knew that. Replace it with Golden Warrior, then.
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User Info: SuperVegito2487

1 month ago#52
NobleWill8 posted...
Huh, really? Never knew that. Replace it with Golden Warrior, then.

Yeah, what you get depends on the source you dokkan awaken from.

STL was originally called Rebirth (which might be a mistranslation on googles part), hence the term rebirthed units.
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User Info: samxmas

1 month ago#53
versus pure saiyans and USS enemies, K/C is stronger I think. but fighting general enemies? that card of yours haha
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User Info: Twilight8

1 month ago#54
fudawg45 posted...
So you jump over the insane hurdle of 10% HP and get the transformation.

Her new passive is very weak. It doesn’t matter if you start stacking the chance to crit if there’s no stat boost. She’ll hit like a feather and take massive damage from enemies.

Breaking the enemy’s guard is cute, but not very impactful.

I left the pair's stats, links, and categories up in the air so that they could compensate for the weak points; this is not a TUR turned LR of Towa or Darkness Towa, but rather a new unit altogether of Towa and Mira.

Leader skill and Passive skill were inspired by EZA PHY Kid Buu's original leader skill and passive, a sort of counterbalance to some of the OP-ness of certain effects.

10% may be a little much to ask for this active skill, but on the flip side think of what an 18+ Ultra Super Attack can do to any enemy or group of enemies with near guarantee of each hit being a critical hit.

Still, I see your points and will keep them in mind the next time a thread like this comes along.

User Info: chrisscorsese88

1 month ago#55
So thinking about it, I change nothing about my Towa card. She's not going to be hitting that hard and other units have the ability to tank better than her too. She doesn't get any guaranteed additionals or raise her buffs higher with additionals, her support buff when transformed is on par with PHY Kid Buu and while there's no HP restriction, it's limited to villains.

Sorry but there's nothing too OP about her, I made her stats slightly lower than average (barely 15k attack stat while top tier DFEs get over 17k), LR Caulifla and Kale plus LR GoBros and probably even the LR SSJ4s are still way better than her.
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User Info: Runner_style

1 month ago#56
If you're willing to forgo logic and do a time skip for one of the phases I wouldn't mind seeing something like

-Demon King Piccolo (Old)
-Demon King Piccolo (Full Power) (the form he regains after using dragon balls)
70% Damage
-Ma Junior (50% HP restored)
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