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User Info: chaosinuyasha

4 weeks ago#101
samxmas posted...
I did it with half of my team being Agl though lol. it's not a pleasant experience :D

Yea its why I don't wanna run too many AGL units if I can help it.
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User Info: M1Astray

4 weeks ago#102
No Item Cell Saga with Pure Saiyans done!

-INT LR Cell
-INT Goku Black
-AGL LR Gohan
-INT LR SS Vegeta
-STR Vegeta/Trunks
-TEQ Goku/Gohan

Yes, three f2p units. SS Vegeta was surprisingly good in this stage, he took next to no damage from anything that wasn't an SA, and thanks to the defence stacking healing the two he did take was easy as heck.

Black + Gohan made a surprisingly good combo too.
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User Info: 8824

4 weeks ago#103
Finnaly did it (with all missions done).

Did the 1st time with Goku Family, just to try it out (double LR ss4 Goku, SS3 Goku, SS3 Angel Goku, Swapku, SS2 Angel Goku and Bee Pan as healers) and it was quite difficulty.
Then did stage 2 with Pure Saiyans, AGL Broly (1 dupe) was a monster, PHY Broly (2 dupes) wasn't very tanky but did great damage with his usual double super. LR SS4 Goku was very good too as he tanks well after a super. AGL SS2 angel Goku provided health and orbs (man, I love this guy!). Swapku is very good in this mode.
Then I tried a Androids team on Stage 1 (Double MVP 17 Lead, tracksuit 18, PHY LR Cell, STR Cell, Cell Jr and 21) ... lose.
Well, time for Hybrid, GoBros double lead, Swapku, AGL LR Gohan, LR SS4 Goku, Bee Pan and SS2 Angel Goku. No items, LOL, it was almost unfair with the mode. XD
Then Androids again, swaped 21 for TEQ 16 and STR Cell for EZA TEQ Cell, I managed to do it with 3 items. Cell Jr (1 dupe) was quite good, plenty of triple supers and debuf, orbs were well arranged a lot of time and it did well for Cell and 18.

Overall I really liked this mode, chalenging enough, no b## level as SBR, and it encourages different team building tactics.
The only downside is that some units are very busted in it (GoBros, AGL LR Gohan, probably TEQ SSB Vegito and so)

User Info: momo92

3 weeks ago#104
Finally cleared Stage 1 lol


Great team especially LR INT Cell!!! I love his Active Skill, it was the first time a fight lasted long enough for me to see it๐Ÿ˜‚
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