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User Info: ChocoboDreams

1 month ago#1
Should I be fusing my duplicate characters into each other for the 100% skill level up? Is there any reason not to?

User Info: Gokuzbu

1 month ago#2
Save 4 extras of each character because you can increase their stats and add critical, additional attacks and dodge later on.

User Info: Trisagion

1 month ago#3
ChocoboDreams posted...
Should I be fusing my duplicate characters into each other for the 100% skill level up? Is there any reason not to?

Yeah, go to hidden potential menu and unlock lower right side first

No reason not to, it give huge increase in super attack, hp, crit chance

in fact, many of us pull for dupes in banners

User Info: DNC88

1 month ago#4
For every SSR you pull, I would STRONGLY recommend that you awaken one to UR, and use the next 4 copies to open the 'dupe paths' in the Hidden Potential system.

Open the paths in the following order:

1. Bottom Right (Requires SA10 to fill out the nodes)
2. Top Left
3. Top Right
4. Bottom Left

This is the best route through the potential system to get the most out of each unit, as the bottom right and top left path unlock the 'skill nodes' that give you access to Critical Hit and Additional Attack aka 'Combo Attack' (and Dodge, but we don't talk about that).

Nearly ALL units benefit from maxing out Critical Hit, and topping off with Additionals, there are some exceptions to this rule (AGL, STR and INT Super Gogeta and TEQ Vegito Blue to name a few key units).

I will SOMETIMES open up the top left path first for support type units who I don't plan on getting to SA10, but in the current age of Dokkan, with EZAs being handed out to older units, the safest option is probably to stick to the route laid out above.

SA is much easier to farm these days, and we get Kais way more often, with opportunities to farm them quite frequent, so always prioritise dupe paths.
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User Info: Edgemaster70000

1 month ago#5
Nobody here is saying by far the most important point: If you pull a strong card that has a farmable super attack (any version of base-form goku/vegeta, just about every single frieza card, android 16,17, and 18, Jiren, etc), DO NOT immediately put everything you have into fully awakening them. Your odds of levelling up their super attack are far better when they remain as an SSR, then when you're done levelling the super attack you can finish awakening them.

I wasted SO MANY kais in the beginning because the friend of mine who got me into this game didn't explain any of that to me at all.

The main things you need to get a grip on are:

1. Which cards are summonable on banners and not drops from missions

2. Which cards are drops from missions and which ones are complete throwaways unworthy of investment. There are 3 types of farmable cards: The ones that are actually worth rainbowing, the ones that exist only to level up a summonable card's super attack, and the ones that are just complete garbage that should immediately be sold or used for training material.

3. Which summonable cards have farmable versions of themselves you can use to level up the summonable card's super attack

4. Which cards you have to use kais to level super attack on

Using this link, you can find which cards have a farmable super attack. You can either look for your specific card's exact name, or just try to find any card on there that is not the exact card but the same character (for instance, any version of Base-Goku can use the same material, just as all versions of final-form frieza can use the same material).


This process will make box space a much tighter squeeze for a long time, but you will save an enormous number of kais.

In terms of summonable cards, you ALWAYS want to use the Hidden Potential system to unlock paths (bottom right, then top left, then top right, then bottom left) before even thinking of using any copies to level the super attack. The vast majority of the time you won't even want to do that, they're typically more valuable as baba points or even just extra cards for ultimate clash.
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User Info: Ozarkk

1 month ago#6

Please note that newer players will not immediately have access to this aspect of the game until you meet the following requirements. A lot of us on this board already had passed this requirement once the Hidden Potential System came out so it kind of slips through the cracks.

Hidden Potential System
The Hidden Potential System is a system where you can improve a character's stats, even beyond their Max Level.

To be able to use this system you have to:

1. Be rank 50 or above.
2. Cleared Stage 2 of An Epic Showdown on Z-Hard.

You have to fulfill these criteria to be able to use the system. To use the Hidden Potential System, you need items that are called "Potential Orbs".

Only characters that are UR or higher can use the Potential Activation.
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User Info: FolkenRawr

1 month ago#7
@Edgemaster70000 the odds of raising Super Attack do not change by Z-Awakening to UR, so it's actually more beneficial to use the farmed units as training fodder. Furthermore, starting out brand new, Leader Skills help tremendously, and you can always just Reverse units.
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User Info: Edgemaster70000

1 month ago#8
While it's true that you can have a card as a UR, it costs hourglasses to revert cards from TUR to UR, and (for me at least) I just can't keep a surplus of them. I'm always close to running out. I was trying to help the TC save hourglasses as well.

As for awakening them to UR, you're right. I've been a high-rank player for so long that I forgot what it feels like to not have many leaders.
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