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  3. Really disappointed the recent android event didn't have ssr 19 or Gero
An ssr or either or both with an f2p Level Android or Cell/Android leader skill would have been perfect, they have to have a few fans who would have liked that and they definitely don’t have enough to actually be a banner card. Wasted opportunity.
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(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: ShadowSilver13

1 week ago#2
Boy, tell me about it. The two dudes really deserve having ANYTHING thrown their way
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User Info: momo92

1 week ago#3
Agreed TC
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User Info: CloudThunder

1 week ago#4
they could give us a 19 that can counter energy super attacks which heals when successful!it would be like guessing where to place ssj4 gogeta hoping he counters!
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User Info: Uchiha7

1 week ago#5
Aslong as #19 is weak to SSJ Vegeta and receives double damage, bring them on

User Info: SSJKaioShin

1 week ago#6
They could be the next friend summon LR
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User Info: Swordy_McStab

1 week ago#7
Could say that about a few of these other events as well. But I agree, felt like a missed opportunity to bring them in.
I remember getting some flak when people where excited about a Super 17 absorbing ki supers, and then replying that 19 and 20 originated that idea. GT just borrowed it from that

In short, if we do get a 19 and 20 duo of some kind, they HAVE to utilize the absorb mechanic in some shape or form, its their main goddamn gimmick...
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User Info: njb1989

6 days ago#9
SSJKaioShin posted...
They could be the next friend summon LR

Any new friend summon LR would be welcomed, it's been a year now since the last one
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User Info: biako06

6 days ago#10
Gero should at the very least be an Androids sub-lead.
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  2. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
  3. Really disappointed the recent android event didn't have ssr 19 or Gero
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