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User Info: Edgemaster70000

1 month ago#1
148 tickets. I got krillin so many times I lost count, and vegeta fused with me 3 times. I got at least 4 screen breaks.

AGL SS Rose Black (dupe 1)
STR Frost (dupe 1)
TEQ Golden Frieza (new)
TEQ SS3 Vegeta (dupe 2)
INT Perfect Cell (duoe 1)
AGL Buu (shape-up) (new)
AGL SS2 Goku GT (dupe 1)
TEQ Android 18 (dupe 2)
PHY Buu Kid (new)
PHY SSB Vegito (new)
INT SS3 Bardock (dupe 3)
STR SS3 Vegeta (new)
AGL SSBE Vegeta (dupe 2)
PHY Frieza Full Power (dupe 2)

I could have done a lot worse. Not spending stones, as I need them to go for Cell soon.
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User Info: Uchiha7

1 month ago#2
260 tickets later, Hurcule riding Buu x4, SV x2...

Dupe City!

Notable pulls are
LR Broly (2nd dupe)
AGL Tranksku (1st dupe)
TEQ Transfrieza (1st dupe)
PHY Future Gohan (1st dupe, just in time for new SBRs)
MVP 17 (2nd dupe)
TEQ Gogeta (2nd dupe)

Rest are already rainbow or not reakky needed.

All I need now is that Cell!

User Info: MagustheHagus

1 month ago#3

So you're the one who took my PHY Future Goahan from me. He was all I needed besides the LR Bojack i git
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User Info: Slayer_22

1 month ago#4
56 tickets.

INT Angel Frieza
Celliza dupe
PHY Cooler(I've wanted him since release, tried so hard to get him...quite happy on this one lol)
PHY SS3 Gotenks
STR Beerus dupe

Not bad. 3 dudes I didn't have and 2 dupes for eh units. How good is INT Frieza btw? Anyone know?
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User Info: jgok

1 month ago#5
So 400 tickets

Only usable pull:
Agl turles
Agl brolly
Both second dupes

Good pulls but cant use
Jiren x2
Phy x 2

Everything else was pretty bad even pulled 4 copies of ssj4 vegeta ffs

No lr either so I think I am gonna count that as a bust for 400 tickets

User Info: Nadia102

1 month ago#6
Out of over 550 tickets, got mostly rubbish and dupes.

Useful pulls

1x TEQ Gotenks
1X AGL SSJ3 Goku
1X STR Broly
1X INT SSB Vegeta
2X PHY Future Gohan

User Info: Rider_Origin

1 month ago#7
Got 104 tickets (plus 21 tickets form the last week):
Only 8 ssr


I feel shafted that my low featured ssr ticket rate continues, but I’m so happy I finally got PHY SV!

I can’t believe I pulled another TEQ Tranforming Frieza and TEQ SSJ3 Vegeta of which I’ve already rainbowed. Only one “new” card, lol.
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User Info: stefan_b

1 month ago#8

Out of 126 tickets. Was hoping for new units, all of them dupes. But not bad either..

User Info: chaoshadou

1 month ago#9
Most of my summons were pretty bunk, I mean I had some fire summons, but most of those units were rainbowed(got phy gotenks like 3 times), did managed to finally rainbow phy SV and SS3 Bardock though, only units I pulled other than LR Trunks who weren't rainbowed(who made it all worth it).
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User Info: Malcyon

1 month ago#10
138 tickets and I finally pulled Turles, my Extreme AGL has been absolute ass (no dupe Super 17 is the best unit I have) and now I got a much needed boost. Future Gohan is also nice since I’ll take any new DFE’s I don’t have.

2x STR Gogeta (three dupes)
1x Turles (new)
1x UI Goku (three dupes)
1x Transku (one dupe)
1x Future Gohan (new)
1x Spirit Sword Trunks (new)
1x STR Rose (two dupes)
1x PHY SSB Vegito (two dupes)
1x PHY SSJ3 Gotenks (two dupes)
1x FP Frieza (three dupes)
1x MVP 17 (one dupe)
1x Broten (three dupes)
1x Brianne (one dupe)
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