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  3. Pick one non-LR card in the game right now to become an LR. Who do you choose?

User Info: qwertyboy

4 weeks ago#1
Topic title. There's so many options, and so many different reason why people want certain cards to go one more level up that I can't really pick one right now...
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User Info: StrykeBlayde

4 weeks ago#2
AGI Darkness Towa

User Info: ShadowSilver13

4 weeks ago#3
Oh, dude, that's a really interesting question

I'd choose INT Janemba, probably. With how bulls*** he is right now, he'd break the game in half if he turned LR. And Janemba needs an LR, Bojack has one!

If not Janemba, then PHY SR Zarbon, so that he at least has ONE card that goes above SR Rarity.

Last idea would be the farmable INT Raditz, Mass Damage LR of Raditz would be great. He also deserves an LR in my opinion
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User Info: momo92

4 weeks ago#4
LR STR Vegeta and Bulma sounds beastly
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User Info: KennyTheCyclone

4 weeks ago#5
The f2p angel ssj3 goku. Make him be able to change his type when you want him to between agl and teq since he was an agl unit at one point. Or just give him dual typing. Something along those lines would be cool
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User Info: Uchiha7

4 weeks ago#6
Does EZA TEQ Beerus count? Imagine the rotation with the STR LR lol

User Info: z_cherub

4 weeks ago#7
PHY Broly is already basically an LR without the shiny icon in the top left of his art.
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User Info: TalonusKardiac

4 weeks ago#8
STR Rose please!

Imagine that pairing with both cards as LRs.
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User Info: njb1989

4 weeks ago#9
Baba Master Roshi Max Power
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User Info: samxmas

4 weeks ago#10
EZA and DFEs might not count because there's never did an EZA unit became an LR and alreadt released DFE only has EZA as an upgrade right?

If that's the case, then I can't think anyone else except Ragegeta that fits the bill. He's already like an LR
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  2. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
  3. Pick one non-LR card in the game right now to become an LR. Who do you choose?
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