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User Info: owenz182

4 weeks ago#131
Wanted an LR Trunks or Zamasu. Funny enough, Broly was my least wanted card. Gotta finish the missions for the other 5 tickets and hopefully I'll pull something I can use regularly.
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User Info: samxmas

4 weeks ago#132
I got 10 SRs today lol.

Oh well, I got 2 SSRs last week, so it even out
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User Info: Colonel_Snitsky

4 weeks ago#133
Phy ribrianne #3 yay
Dragon Ball Dokkan IGN: Mike

User Info: cajuan

4 weeks ago#134
Agl Godku
and the res F Agl goku

Both already rainbowed

User Info: NoTrollGaming

4 weeks ago#135
1 multi and Dyspo, thats the 2nd dupe and thank god, first dupe I opened top left as I thought he already had bottom right opened so thats nice
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User Info: Zinle_san

4 weeks ago#136
First multi got me yet another STR Rageta, that makes 10 I have on my box waiting for other Vegetas now.
Second netted me two PHY Ribriannes. ..Wish I could get this much features from non-weekend banners as well.. >_>
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User Info: M1Astray

4 weeks ago#137
So my pulls were:

STR Ragegeta x 1
STR Meta-Rildo x 1
PHY Young Chi-Chi x 1

Those last two are lame as hell, but I ain't going to complain at being given a completely free second dupe for my Ragegeta, especially since I plan on hunting for LR SS4 Vegeta and running him on the team.
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User Info: LG50

4 weeks ago#138
Got 10 SRs this week. Last week, I only got one SSR great ape Shugesh.
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User Info: momo92

4 weeks ago#139
Last 2 tickets = 2 SRs

INT SS Kid Trunks
INT Crane School Master (I forgot his name lol)
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User Info: Twilight8

4 weeks ago#140
10 SRs this weekend, pulled a Nappa and tried awakening and feeding him to my Baba Shop Nappa but no SA increase. Think if this goes on another week I'll try pulling singles.

Still gotta say I like they did this banner in the first place, got 4 SSR's I would not have had otherwise.
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