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User Info: Sega9599

4 weeks ago#1
How many EZA units do you have at sa 15? - Results (59 votes)
All EZA units fully rainbowed and sa15
6.78% (4 votes)
All eza units sa 15
25.42% (15 votes)
0 eza units sa 15
0% (0 votes)
15 - 18 eza units sa 15
3.39% (2 votes)
10 - 15 eza units sa 15
8.47% (5 votes)
8 - 10 eza units sa 15
8.47% (5 votes)
All EZA events completed but less than 8 units sa 15
20.34% (12 votes)
4 - 7 eza units sa 15
11.86% (7 votes)
1 - 3 eza units sa 15
15.25% (9 votes)
This poll is now closed.
For me I have only 14 units sa 15.

Still not at sa 15:

Teq ssb vegeta (father/son)
Str ss3 goku
Str goten
Agl gohan
Agl kid buu

How about you guys?
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User Info: KnowsNoLimits

4 weeks ago#2
I missed some events when I took a long break from the game.

So no not all my units are EZA’d, but they will be.
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User Info: Uchiha7

4 weeks ago#3
All EZA events completed but less than 8 units sa 15

Eg. I have the medals for Str broly but he is still only lvl 1 sa1. Not wasting zeni on that fool when I have LR Broly lol

User Info: StrykeBlayde

4 weeks ago#4
I've got every unit minus TEQ Cell EZA'd. I don't have every EZA unit at SA15(no sense doing STR Broly, really), and I've got PHY/AGI Ultimate Gohan's medals ready.

User Info: Edgemaster70000

4 weeks ago#5
I'm far too scared of wasting kais to max out the EZAs I have. Compared to Puzzle and Dragons, this game is an inexcusable mess when it comes to maxing your cards.
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User Info: momo92

4 weeks ago#6
I have fully EZA'd all units except The Broly Killer Trio, SS3 Goku STR, both Kid Buus (I need to EZA the PHY one though), and a few others.

I voted the 4 to 7 option but I didn't check to make sure it was accurate lol
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User Info: tftrevor813

4 weeks ago#7
mostly sa 15 on global but not rain bowed
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User Info: ShadowSilver13

4 weeks ago#8
I have all the Units except Broten and Gogeta, and have completed all events except for Broly, can't beat his Level 30 Stage.

Aside from that, I've got most units EZA'd and LVL 15, but some just aren't worth it to me (SSJ3 STR Goku, AGL Kid Buu and Broku for example).
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User Info: MajinCal

4 weeks ago#9
SS3 Goku (Agl) SA15 2 dupes Str was too lazy to refarm, maybe later, that goes for every EZA
Broly (Str) SA15 2 dupes (Agl) SA15 1 dupe
Gohan (Int) SA15 0 dupes
Frieza SA 15 2 dupes
Cell SA15 0 dupes
Family Trio Gohan SA15 1 dupe Goku & Goten SA1 but full EZA
Kid Buu SA15 0 dupes
Father Son Vegeta SA1 1 dupe Trunks SA1 0 dupes
Gohan & Piccolo rainbowed >_>
Blue coats rainbowed also
*Beerus SA2 3 dupes
*Janemba SA1 0 dupes
* Gogeta I dont have a copy until 4th anniv red stone, but I did the EZA
*Goku Jr SA10 and dupe copy at SA5
*Vegeta Jr will do it
*SS3 Gotenks SA10 0 dupes
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User Info: Dadreamz

4 weeks ago#10
All SA maxed, the only ones I got rainbowed are
SS3 Goku agl
Kid Gohan
SSJ Trunks
FP Freiza
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