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  3. How many GACHA units do you have rainbowed?

User Info: Colonel_Snitsky

4 weeks ago#21
Str godku
Int super bebi

User Info: Tetrana

4 weeks ago#22
I only have the following rainbowed:

INT Gogeta
INT Metal Coora
TEQ Tapion

If I was willing to invest the orbs, then I would add STR SSJ3 Goku to the list, but for now he doesn't count.
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User Info: Joestar

4 weeks ago#23
28 units.
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User Info: TheOzman

3 weeks ago#24
45 including 1 LR mai & trunks
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User Info: JoshTheDragon

3 weeks ago#25
MagustheHagus posted...



Da OG Whale 😂
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User Info: zelos736

3 weeks ago#26

User Info: perfectblkrose

3 weeks ago#27
43 summonable rainbows, not counting F2P units
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User Info: doomdarkness

3 weeks ago#28
Don't be a randumb. Git gud

User Info: nro87

3 weeks ago#29
Of my 99 rainbows, 61 of them are summonable.
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User Info: chrisscorsese88

3 weeks ago#30
Well for some reason Imgtc is down so I uploaded to a different image hosting site. I would have done Imgur but they don't immediately post pics, just links. As I'm typing this I'm not sure if this will show up as links or pics so I'll find out in a second.





Edit: Darn, just show as links but whatever, those are my rainbowed units.

Edit 2: Yes I know that AGL LR Trunks isn't actually LR yet, I can't stand prime battle grinds without bonus drops. Despite knowing I'll get less rewards, he'll stay as TUR until his campaign comes out on Global.

Edit 3: Magus isn't the only whale around these parts.
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  3. How many GACHA units do you have rainbowed?
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