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User Info: LG50

1 month ago#1
The banner is live on Global.

FP Goku and Future Gohan are not in the banner.
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User Info: LG50

1 month ago#2
First Step got me

And now my first extreme Neo God lead is rainbow which is Super 17.
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User Info: StrykeBlayde

1 month ago#3
Full Power Frieza(already rainbowed)
PHY SSJ3 Gotenks(first SSJ3 Gotenks I've ever pulled)
Fifth Form Cooler(already rainbowed)
PHY Super Vegito(didn't have)
LR Goten/Trunks(didn't have)

All in all, probably worth it.

User Info: Uchiha7

1 month ago#4
Uchiha7 posted...
SOAD5657 posted...
Reading all this is making me feel like I'm going to summon 2 LR bardocks.

All I want is PHY SV and LR Beerus


Nailed it!

Been chasing PHY SV for the longest time!

Happy new year everybody!

User Info: chrisscorsese88

1 month ago#5
This is my full haul.


Feels bad STILL not getting LR Rosemasu but SSBE Vegeta sorta makes up for it I guess?
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User Info: YaBoyVegeta

1 month ago#6
First Round got me:

STR Broly- Already Rainbowed
AGL SSJ3 Goku- Already Rainbowed
AGL SSJ4 Vegeta- Already Rainbowed
PHY Cooler- 2nd Dupe
INT Kid Buu- 3rd Dupe
PHY Super Vegito- 2nd Dupe
PHY Android 17- First Copy
LR STR Beerus

Not bad for the first round. I'm going to buy some more stones and do round 2 tomorrow
Thanks, I needed a light- Sanji
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User Info: ChibiRidley

1 month ago#8
Only had enough for the 1st multi atm

got Icarus Gohan, AGL Future 18, and INT Gohan as my GSSR. Not great, but not terrible.
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User Info: Tetrana

1 month ago#9
1st Round:
EZA: INT Ult Gohan
Super: INT Super Gogeta
Extreme: STR Janemba
Category: AGL Turles
LR: INT Gohan

2nd Round:
EZA: STR Broly
Super: AGL SS4 Vegeta
Extreme: PHY Coora
Category: STR Ultimate Gohan
LR: PHY Trunks

UI Goku
INT Ult Gohan
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User Info: BlackFellow

1 month ago#10
BlackFellow posted...
EZA: Perfect Cell dupe x2.
Super: SSJ4 Vegeta dupe, SSJ4 Goku.
Extreme: Cooler dupe, Super 17 dupe.
Category: Ultimate Gohan, Angel Golden Frieza dupe.
LR: Mighty Mask x2
^ From the wishlist.

EZA: Ultimate Gohan dupe, SSJ3 Goku dupe.
Super: Super Gogeta, Angel SSJ3 Goku dupe.
Extreme: Cooler dupe x2
Category: Super Vegito, Turles.
LR: Mighty Mask x2

Pretty shocked by the LR results haha. Unfortunately, it breaks my heart to see that I have everything I want for Hybrid Saiyans... except the leader -.-
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