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User Info: TalonusKardiac

3 months ago#1
As I said in the will people summon thread yesterday, this is a great banner for me. I deliberately skipped SS3 Bardock's debut banner, and missed out on VB as I only did the step ups on his debut too.

Rage trunks is also a bit of a white whale for me. Plenty of stones dropped on banners where he's featured but he never dropped. So well worth a summon for me.

250 stones spent in total, I got:

PHY Future Gohan x1, second multi

TEQ VB x2, one 3rd multi, one fifth

INT SS3 Bardock x1, fifth multi.

A bit of a smash and grab really, that's a great result for me.

In before people tell me I'm nuts for summoning!
GFQKarrde; Global ID: 609218503
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User Info: ShadowSilver13

3 months ago#2
You ARE nuts for summoning, but damn, in your case it was pretty much worth it

You got some great pulls there, mate, congratz!
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Rella, Rella, Rella, Rella..." -Gyro Zeppeli

User Info: Tactix

3 months ago#3
Did one multi, only SSR was TEQ Kamehameha Goku. I think we're done here.

User Info: Zinle_san

3 months ago#4
As I said in the earlier topic, decided to do one or two multis in hopes of a dupe for my INT ssj3 Bardock.
First multi netted me this; https://i.imgur.com/WRNQX2V.png

...And with that I'm out of this banner.
Didn't get the Bardock dupe I was after, but now there's literally nothing else in the banner I'd like, so...
...I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead.
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User Info: njb1989

3 months ago#5
1 multi because I have no self control.

PHY Gohan - Wasn't expecting this, but very happy
STR Rildo
TEQ SS2 Goku
Dokkan - NickGFaq 1239144744

User Info: Alligamer76

3 months ago#6
3 pulls because I have no self control and I hate myself.

Str future trunks (new)
Kefla 2nd dupe
Str beerus like my 8th one
Teq whis 6th one.

One featured ssr only in 3 pulls ouch :(
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User Info: BlackFellow

3 months ago#7
The yolo multi for a shot at SSJ3 Bardock. I'm now one dupe away from a rainbow Bergamo...

User Info: AnimeSeeker78

3 months ago#8
Did a multi and had Gohan and Piccolo show up in the animation, and Goku went SSJ2. Got Waifu Mai, Int God, and the 3rd Dupe of Teq VB(All my Vegito units, sans LR SV, are now either rainbowed, or 90% in Teq VBs case as of this pull).
"The lich king?.. on my throne?" - ShadowGomamon

User Info: zelos736

3 months ago#9
Only did 1 multi so far. Got my upteenth Teq Tracksuit 18 and nothing else. I will probably do 1 more multi on the banner later but then call it quits and wait for the Christmas banner.

User Info: fudawg45

3 months ago#10
One multi since i have no dupes of teq VB, and no SS3 bardock.

Got str first awakened bardock and phy fearless saiyan goku.

The phy goku looks pretty solid.
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