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User Info: pistolblue07

3 months ago#1
What are some things you're hoping to see once the Broly Movie banner comes out? Here's mine:

1. Gogeta Blue gets released, and is Super AGL. This is the most important one. I could care less about the rest to be honest. But I'm going to be so nettled if he turns out to be PHY, INT, or TEQ. STR is ok. Also would be super nettled if his blue form isn't going to be released until a later date and we only get his base form.
2. Gogeta Blue either gets his own card or is a Base Gogeta transforming card, going Base, Super, Blue.
3. Int Super Gogeta is on the banner so I can get dupes.
4. Gogeta Blue is either a Fusion Category Lead (I know this one is pretty unlikely).
5. Gogeta Blue and Broly's banners are separate, each with no more than 10 banner units.
6. Broly's new card is Extreme PHY (although I'm sure it'll probably be Extreme Int), and is a Category Lead for either Movie Bosses or Pure Saiyans.
7. Broly's new card is transforming, from Wrathful, to Super, to LSS.
8. Gogeta Blue or Broly's new card are URs not LRs.
9. Fusion Banner comes back.
10. We get 50 free stones.
11. New SSG Vegeta card.
12. New Goku Blue card, but called "Kakarot SSGSS".
13. Phy SS3 Gotenks included in banner (seems unlikely).

User Info: zelos736

3 months ago#2
Broly and Gogeta are a given, so besides them, the only card I care about is a SSJG Vegeta.

User Info: Dadreamz

3 months ago#3
zelos736 posted...
Broly and Gogeta are a given, so besides them, the only card I care about is a SSJG Vegeta.

User Info: swordz9

3 months ago#4
1 banner that features new Broly, new Gogeta and SSG Vegeta. No LRs or multiple banners because we all know the EXT version units on Broly’s banner would be absolute gutter trash if the banners aren’t Dokkan Fest. That’s what I want really. I’m sure there will be a billionth Goku and a millionth Golden Turd though. My boy Gohan ain’t getting s*** since he doesn’t even appear to be in the movie....

User Info: Igyzone

3 months ago#5
SSG Vegeta
Grandpa Paragus
Bardock the softie *silently burns DB minus*
Frieza the naked boi 1st form *giggles*
Raditz, oh wait....

User Info: Omega_Summoner

3 months ago#6
New Units:
STR super gogeta that transforms into SSB gogeta after 7 turns
TEQ Super Broly that transforms into LSSJ after 7 turns
SSG vegeta
A dokkan to the old PHY SSB Goku

New gogeta
New Broly
SSG vegeta
INT super gogeta
TEQ Golden Frieza
SR paragus?

Base gogeta Will be a f2p from his new dokkan event stage and that Int EZA Broly Will be a f2p from his event
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User Info: swordz9

3 months ago#7
Anyways more specifically

1 single Dokkan Fest banner featuring

New Broly either INT or AGL
New Gogeta don’t care what type
SSG Vegeta
New awesome Piccolo

Story event with a farmable SS Kid Trunks and farmable SS Goten since they have a couple SSRs, but no farmable cards outside of summons.

User Info: samxmas

3 months ago#8
Broly is an immense AoE that can oneshot all WT opponents
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User Info: pistolblue07

3 months ago#9
Immense AOE on Broly would be cool. As would a new Piccolo card. He's in the movie afterall. Would be awesome if it was something like "Fusion Instructor" Piccolo, and give him the Fusion Category even if he doesn't actually fuse in the movie. Dunno how I feel about yet another Frieza. But I don't understand why people are asking for things like STR Super Gogeta. I mean, if he's Super Gogeta, then he can't be run with the INT Super Gogeta. Also, there's already a STR Super Gogeta. He can only be run with INT Super Gogeta if he's Gogeta Blue or transforming Base Gogeta. Also, if they're all on one banner, wouldn't that make them harder to pull for?

User Info: M1Astray

3 months ago#10
As far as the heroes are concerned I wager the banner will look something like this.

-Gogeta Blue/transformer/whatever
-UI Goku
-SSBE Vegeta
-INT Gogeta
-SS4 Gogeta
-PHY Vegito (MAYBE, and only if they want to play up the fusion thing. Might also be swapped on Global due to the Thank-You banner)
-TEQ Vegito Blue (same as the above, but more likely due to him being in Super)
-SSG Vegeta (standard SSR that ties into the banner)

The theme will basically cover what these dual Dokkanfests always do. A bunch of units that are thematically linked with the new unit (so the fusion of Goku and Vegeta and their most powerful forms individually) as well as being top tier in their own rights.

That's how I suspect they'll do things anyway. Could be wrong. One thing's for certain, the banner is going to be complete fire. Dual Dokkanfest banners never disappoint, and this is their biggest chance to cash in on new material for the next year or so. They're going to stuff it with as many "must-have" units as possible.
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