LR Goku/Frieza Banner Pulls

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User Info: ZaPpA_721

1 week ago#1
On my second multi, i get Hercule riding on Buu.

On my fifth multi, I get another Hercule riding on Buu animation.

Guess I can't complain ;)

Hope everyone is able to pull fire on this banner.
PSN: ZaPpA_721
XBL: ZaPpA721
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Rider_Origin

1 week ago#2
Pulled on my side account, since I want to save stones on my main.
First multi:
Dokkan Battle Name: OmegaEltGF
ID Number: 1172853657

User Info: StrykeBlayde

1 week ago#3
first Kefla after my Rainbow Kefla
LR Beerus
LR Goku/Frieza

No Dypso, and a few other dupes.

Had 550~ saved up for 21, down to 50.

User Info: Near08

1 week ago#4
Congrats to the both of you on those awesome pulls. I didn't get goku/frieza but did get one of the ones I wanted most so just as excited.
two little goblins sitting in the sun, Down came a griffin then there was one.
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: ChibiRidley

1 week ago#5
1 multi so far
Got Dyspo, and Int Turles

Working towards another multi

User Info: BlackFellow

1 week ago#6
250 stones. Let's just say I wish I could have those stones back =p

User Info: Alligamer76

1 week ago#7
1 multi, I can now rainbow phy buutenks and an agl great ape vegeta dupe. I might do one more in a few days.
And if we were to save the day we know it's not our victory no, we'll just sit here with our golden smiles, and scarlet heart.

User Info: Omega_Summoner

1 week ago#8
For the first time...I would like to join this topic and post this:
You may try to kill me but i will not be killed that easily.

User Info: Postaga

1 week ago#9
Three multis, just a Kefla dupe.

Could be worse.

User Info: ZaPpA_721

1 week ago#10

That's an awesome pull, congrats!
PSN: ZaPpA_721
XBL: ZaPpA721
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