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User Info: Sega9599

6 months ago#1
What did you get with your tickets?

Admittedly I did get LR Bojack and str rage goku.

From the dokkanfest i only really got str janemba new, but 2 int gogeta dupes and phy Vegito.
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User Info: SuperVegito2487

6 months ago#2
Teq Tapion, INT Meta Cooler.. and a whole lotta dupes.
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User Info: jaoman69

6 months ago#3
LR Bojack x2
and many pans and 17s.

User Info: dulldrohl

6 months ago#4
All of the good cards I got were dupes: LR Gohan, STR Godku and 3x AGL SSJ3 GT Goku.

User Info: MrCrow92

6 months ago#5

User Info: Alligamer76

6 months ago#6
2 caulifla dupes
3 teq tapion
2 teq super buu
2 int beerus
2 or 3? int super baby 2

Were the best ticket summons and int lr Vegito and 2 phy sv for the actual banners were my best.
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User Info: NoTrollGaming

6 months ago#7
Here’s all my SSRs

SSJ3 PHY Vegeta
Int Beerus
Int Baby
Masked Saiyan
LR Black
Phy Pan
Phy Pan
Phy Super Trunks
TEQ SSJ2 angel Goku
TEQ Tapion
TEQ Kid Buu
Int 17
Agl SSJ3 Goku gt
Int 17
Rage Goku
Agl Super Vegeta
Agl Future 18
Rage Goku
Int 17

Seems I got really lucky with tickets lmao
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User Info: Hayato Nekketsu

Hayato Nekketsu
6 months ago#8
Absolutely nothing worth mentioning, only SSRs I even remember are a TEQ SSJ Bardock dupe and an AGI GT SSJ3 Goku dupe.

User Info: Hungry_for_Sex

6 months ago#9
D3PS4, FF15 PC, DBZ Dokkan Battle, FF Mobius, Puzzle & Dragons
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User Info: MisTaCowCow

6 months ago#10
On 2 accounts:

1 Kefla
The rest trash
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