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  3. Why does the fusion category seem abysmal?

User Info: Nevets01

9 months ago#21
This is why I find it crazy that LR Goten and Trunks aren't in the fusion category. Their super attack is them fusing into Gotenks....

User Info: Ryuuma93

9 months ago#22
I run PHY SSJ2 Teen Gohan on my Fusion team because he's a fantastic support unit. Gets a decent stat buff from LR Gogeta's leader skill too.
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User Info: M1Astray

9 months ago#23
Only problem with Potara is that its tankiness means you are never going to see its full potential, and definitely not LR Vegito's. Fusions you stand a decent chance of seeing both LR's awakening in a fight, Potara you'll be lucky to see even one Vegito awaken in a fight.

Plus the whole Gogeta + Gogeta linking thing is absolutely absurd. I've been farming SS4 Gogeta medals today for the SS3 Goku SA grind and the frailty of the team works in its favour. As soon as one of the Gogeta's awakens it's literally game over, and when it's the two Gogeta's linking they literally clear almost all of his HP right there, it's absolutely stupid how high their damage output is.

Basically what I'm saying is INT Gogeta and LR Gogeta alone make the category worth running as long as you've got some decent filler units. Hell even AGL Gotenks puts in work. AGL Gotenks. Hell he's actually an asset because he allows the team to go "well, that's six turns, lets get that fusion on!"

Throw in some PHY supporters like Pan and SS Teen Gohan and the team works fantastic.
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  3. Why does the fusion category seem abysmal?
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