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  3. Why does the fusion category seem abysmal?

User Info: DarkBuster22904

9 months ago#11
ThePrinceFish posted...
Perhaps if I had INT Gogeta lowering enemy ATK it would be a little better,

It really isnt.

Simple fact is the game has grown to punish glass cannons more than it used to. With tougher bosses hitting six, seven, eight times per round, every team needs at least one or two members who can take a hit reliably. Fusions has lr gogeta, and that's it. Ssj4 can do alright with normal attacks sometimes, but his dodge for supers is too unreliable, and he takes decent damage from them. Anyone else is getting beaned, and with all three members getting hit multiple times, you're gonna get hurt.

Again, the game's too easy atm for this to be a real problem yet, but gi e it a few months. The gap will get noticeable.
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User Info: Street_Overlord

9 months ago#12
The potara team having access to Zamasu and Goku Black cards is just too much of a gap.

User Info: wutzgood

9 months ago#13
Fusion and shadow dragon are similar that they have a very limited cat but if you have the few great cards they are excellent.
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User Info: SchoolRumble

9 months ago#14
potara just has too much healing/tanking/countering, theres no reason to worry about anything when playing. i dont even HAVE any counters, except when they fuse, and i have little to no difficulty beating anything

User Info: Alligamer76

9 months ago#15
Fusions is actually really really good, it's just that it's more restrictive and has less leniency compared to potara for "optimal" teams.
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User Info: clgames

9 months ago#16
MelloXIII posted...
The way I see it my ultimate team with fusion lead is
LR Gogeta
PHY SSJ Gotenks
PHY Vegito Blue
STR Gogeta

The reason it may seem underwhelming is you are running a very lackluster team for Fusion. I'm not trying to be insulting by saying that, but if you are running that then you probably don't have the units to make it amazing. Your team looks more like you are trying to make Super Phy, and only three of the units on your team are getting the full lead buff. You are missing:

-Phy SS3 Gotenks
-Int SS Gogeta
-Tech SS4 Gogeta
-Int Pandel

The team is crazy strong and obliterates everything just like Potara, but Potara is a better team due to it being more well-rounded as others have said.
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User Info: Old_Solidus

9 months ago#17
There are also no LRs in this category except the lead. Don't mention oBtimal Trunks, he's there exactly because Fusion is horribly understaffed
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User Info: TheOzman

9 months ago#18
The good part about that team is that LR Gogeta actually has a chance to transform.
While doing LR SV event I transformed at the last fight everytime.

So there's that

User Info: ThePrinceFish

9 months ago#19
I really, really wish Pandel gave a def boost as well. That might help make the team def slightly more sturdy than wet paper.
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User Info: kuroi

9 months ago#20
Wait, is LR Trunks actually good on this team? I hadn't even thought about it. Should I replace PHY Sealtenks or STR Gotenks?
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