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User Info: BigPappy09

10 months ago#11
Farming gems. This is definitely the most bored I've been since I started. Been putting a lot more time into Legends recently.

User Info: SuperVegito2487

10 months ago#12
26-6 since i dont have much to do on, for GLB

JP? Otherworld goku farming, and then finishing up LR Trunks second one for SA20.
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User Info: chrisscorsese88

10 months ago#13
Well @Sega9599 is going to get annoyed because I've already mentioned this multiple times, but I'm grinding out my LR SSJ3 Goku's SA with the R Gokus from the Epic Showdown event for 1% chance. Out of about 120 or so so far, I've gotten 2 to go through so it's definitely been a pain in the ass.

Also yes I've been told the PHY Goku that dokkans to UIO from the first ToP story event can give me 50% chance but that recently went away and I don't feel like waiting months for it to come back. I don't have anything else to do except maybe grind the PHY Tapion and medals for that SR Kid Trunks from the Tapion story event but it's not a priority for me because I wouldn't use them anyway while I do want to use my new LR.
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User Info: Oscartacus

10 months ago#14
Working on my 427 medals needed for Teq ssj3 Broly and the phy one. I'm barely at 300. This is a snoozer.
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User Info: Ozarkk

10 months ago#15
Farming for Dokkan medals to Dokkan some of my cards. I take it pretty laid back and don't max out and farm my cards as soon as I get them. So this lull is quite nice for me to slowly catch up on my backlog.
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User Info: Alligamer76

10 months ago#16
Farming ssj3 broly attack and then onto incredible gems to finish the kais still in the shop.
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User Info: swordz9

10 months ago#17
Literally nothing. Just login to do daily missions and then bail because I don’t really need anything else Awakened and stuff. Wish we got little story events more often. I’ve got so little to do I might blow all my stamina on awakening medal stages or insanely boring terrible gem farming. They really need like a 100 gems guaranteed stop point because the thousands you need every time baba shop resets is painful to get

User Info: Nadia102

10 months ago#18
I'm just logging in getting my login rewards then just farming the two missions for the one dragon stone and ten gems.

User Info: MikeSkeezy

10 months ago#19
Logging in for now. Hopefully get to return by end of the month. I doubt I'll return to full whale status.
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User Info: Joestar

10 months ago#20
Farming str medals.
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