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  3. How many Kais do you have in your box currently?

User Info: RemnantVivi

11 months ago#51
0 Elder Kai's
2 Int Kais
11 STR Kais

Though I don't think I've ever grabbed any of them from baba's treasure shop

User Info: samxmas

11 months ago#52
@swordz9 posted...
I dunno where I got the 2 INT Funky Kais from. I thought SBR, but I didn’t use my Victory Light so I have no idea where they came from

Raditz event :)
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User Info: chrisscorsese88

11 months ago#53
1 INT Grand Kai
10 INT Elder Kais
10 TEQ Santa Roshis

I spent all the AGL Grand Kais I got from SSJ3 Goku's EZA event to get my LR Goten and Trunks from SA10 to like SA16 or 17 and used regular Elder Kais for the last 3 or 4 levels. I also spent 9 of my STR Grand Kais from Broly's EZA event to max my STR Rosé SA to 10 and also ended up using a total of 18 Elder Kais to max my TEQ VB's SA along with my Neotenks SA.
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User Info: SuperVegito2487

11 months ago#54
0 As usual.
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User Info: momo92

11 months ago#55
0 because I always use them once I get them.
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User Info: nro87

11 months ago#56
Most people? Nah. Some people? Yeah.

I don’t have any Elder Kais right now, but I’ve got 7 STR Grand Kais. I’m spending my time right now farming gems so I can buy more Kais when the Baba shop refreshes eventually.
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User Info: jonahdoom

11 months ago#57
55 or 56 should use em though.
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  3. How many Kais do you have in your box currently?
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