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  3. How many Kais do you have in your box currently?

User Info: Sega9599

11 months ago#1
I have been told most people on here have 30+ Kais idle in their box. Is that true?

I have:

7 elder kais (still not sure to feed em to phy ss3 Gotenks or teq vb)

3 str grand kais
3 agl grand kais

How about you guys?
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User Info: SSJMewzard

11 months ago#2
Zero. I'm always needing to spend them the instant I get them, lol.

User Info: Maxz92

11 months ago#3
9 EK, I don't bother saving them unless I absolutely have no one to use them on
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User Info: Alligamer76

11 months ago#4
0 I've got lots to use them on so they go instantly.
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User Info: Pookykin

11 months ago#5
59 Elder Kai
13 AGL Kai

I already used 9 on Rose and Neotenks... I'm actually surprised I have that many Kais

User Info: StrykeBlayde

11 months ago#6
I have 15, but I've also used like 35 of 'em just recently on STR Rose/INT Kid Buu/PHY Omega/Super 17. Yeah yeah, 3 of 'em are semi-farmable, but I've still got all the cards that take 35 medals each to Dokkan, I ain't got time for 9 copies of each character that each take 3 clears. Especially when Kid Buu takes STR medals to do so and I'm strugglin' to even have any of those.

User Info: swordz9

11 months ago#7
13 Elder Kai
1 AGL Funky Kai
2 INT Funky Kai
11 STR Funky Kai

The 11 STR and 8 of the Elder Kai will be used on LR Goku when I get him in 24 more days

User Info: Rider_Origin

11 months ago#8
0 Kais
*Need 2 more for Teq VB
*Have Sa1 Str Rage Vegeta with one available dupe and don’t even know which path to open...
*Need many more Kais for SSBKK and Eza SSJ3 Goku
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User Info: thepro189

11 months ago#9
4 kais
2 agl kais

User Info: M1Astray

11 months ago#10
0. When I pulled nothing worth a damn I used my hoard of Kai's on getting LRVB to SA20 and the remainder getting my STR Godku up to SA6 to max his locked hidden potential.

Not a big loss, WT is coming and the Baby saga's about to return so that'll be a nice start to reestablishing the hoard. I'm no pulling anything again any time soon anyway (watch me YOLO LR Vegito and be unable to level his SA >_>)
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  3. How many Kais do you have in your box currently?
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