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  3. It's not really worth dumping Kais into any EZA unit right?
Well, until you NEED to since you only get 10 or 11 Kais from the EZA missions right?

EDIT: What I mean is before the EZA event happens, not the ones from the event.
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User Info: naru11

8 months ago#2
i put the agl ones into the ssj3 goku
but i used all the broly ones for rose lol i used the reasoning that his links were still atrocious so i didnt think i'd be using him much at all despite the eza
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User Info: Feldt

8 months ago#3
i use them all for other units and i'm waiting Full Power Frieza Eza to SA 10 Phy super Vegito

User Info: Alligamer76

8 months ago#4
I'm using the broly ones for ultimate gohan and rose. The few goku ones I got (got lazy with event) went to his attack but if I got them all I'd have spares anyway. My broly is sa1 because I have the lr.
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User Info: Srk700

8 months ago#5
Depends on the card and how much you use them.

- INT Ultimate Gohan: Not worth it since he has a farmable SA
- TEQ Perfect Cell: Some people still use him so it could be worth it for him.
- FP Frieza: If you run villains and you don't have PHY Omega + Cooler or you run EXT PHY a lot, he's definitely worth giving Kais to before his EZA. He's the 3rd best EXT PHY card in the game as he is now.
- TEQ Beerus: Not worth it since he sucks currently + the SR TEQ Beerus is a somewhat common card that you could dokkan and feed to him
- SSJ3 Vegeta: Not worth it until his EZA since he doesn't hit hard. His use is as a tank + stunner
- PHY Kid Buu: Not worth it since he doesn't hit hard either. You can also use the STR SR Buff Buus as SA food after dokkaning him if you wanted to save on Kais.
- INT Janemba: Not worth it since he doesn't hit hard + has the SR Fat Janembas that you could dokkan and use as SA food.

Of those cards FP Frieza and TEQ Cell are the only ones I would consider giving Kais too. That said if any of them are mainstays on your most used team, you have their bottom right path open, and you have nothing better to spend Kais on, then it might be fine to give them some.

User Info: BrolySuperpower

8 months ago#6
I feel like even if you feed Kais into a EZA unit you can still get those back via the Kais from the EZA Event, now it won't be like the Elder Kais but can still work for units(Have to feed only to certain Ki Units) . That's how I see it. I fed Kais into my AGL SS3 Goku. When his EZA comes back I'm going to feed what ever AGL Kais I get into him and the rest into other unit if I have someone worthy of it.
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  3. It's not really worth dumping Kais into any EZA unit right?
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