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User Info: Pierz

1 year ago#1
Hi all!

I do not have Penguin Village Goku.

Available STR units:
Grandpa Gohan
Cyborg Tao
Bee Pan
Future Trunks
Super Vegeta

Available TEQ units:
SSJ Goku (Angel)
Vegito (Candy)
SSJ1 Goku (Prime Battle Stage 1)

Possibly viable INT units:
SSJ Goku Jr.

Generally, the battle is okay. I just can't stand up to his SA in the final stage. The only way I beat him before is hoping to nuke him down ASAP with a LR Goku/critting with SSJ Goku Jr.

Baba/Scouter is kind of unreliable as there is only two uses, and the battle could go on for a while.

Do I just need to unlock as much potential as possible in all the STR units?


User Info: Fou Lu

Fou Lu
1 year ago#2
Invest orbs into Bee Pan so she has additional attacks. Each attack she does heals you, and her SA has a chance to stun. You should only be using Rildo if you're using both (the undokkaned and the dokkaned), not just one. They both provide each other with a ton of ki and do extra damage with the boost from facing 1 enemy... plus they lower Goku's attack when they SA.

With that group, I'd suggest removing Super Vegeta and putting in Vegito (Candy) since he dodges often, with orbs invested in avoiding attacks.
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  3. Struggling with PHY LR Goku
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