I am NOT Bardock

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User Info: MikeSkeezy

11 months ago#11
1 more

Goku's mom came to earth and cheated with elmer fudd.

This is clearly Goku's lesser known half brother Waditz
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User Info: Pierz

11 months ago#12
It's Yamcha with a Goku haircut.

User Info: styrofoamboot

11 months ago#13
Smh guys it IS Bardock. Have y'all played Xenoverse 2? It confirms that he is indeed Bardock. I can't believe y'all even came up with all of those ridiculous identity theories. It isn't obvious by the armor? Just google it, Jesus.

No I'm not seriously that oblivious to the joke lmao
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User Info: Knifegash

11 months ago#14
How is it no obvious to anyone else?


It's Puar!
Isn't that right, Zach?

User Info: zelos736

11 months ago#15
Justin Chatwin, is that you? He probably got angry and went evil after the abomination that is Evolution.

User Info: kidbu3

11 months ago#16
When you waste 1900 stones on the banner like a dumb mark & received squat for it, a real G pulls the main attraction of a banner/dupe on his third try.

User Info: Srk700

11 months ago#17
No that's just Ginyu. He managed to steal Goku's body again.

User Info: DarkBuster22904

11 months ago#18
How could you be so oblivious to the obvious?

It's Goku, guys. Goku.
There's somethin' strange on the message board.
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User Info: UraRenge2005

11 months ago#19
Stop Nerfing. Stop Patching with Nerfs. Stop listening to children. If everyone is OP, no one is.

User Info: momo92

11 months ago#20
"Allow me to show you my new finishing move, MY FINAL SHINE ATTACK!!!"
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