Stage 4 LR Goku is up

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User Info: shadow592

7 months ago#1
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User Info: Pookykin

7 months ago#2

User Info: Fou Lu

Fou Lu
7 months ago#3
About time.
I smolder with generic rage.

User Info: zak_627

7 months ago#4
Post you teams! Gonna try this one first!

Grandpa Gohan lead
Cyborg Tao
SSJ Goku from OP crossover
Rage Trunks
Super Vegeta

User Info: MikeSkeezy

7 months ago#5
*japanese accent* Supa fusion Ho!
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User Info: Piccoloiscool

7 months ago#6
People need to be using lr freiZa

User Info: Dadreamz

7 months ago#7
Stage 4 team
Grandpa Gohan lead
Rage Trunks
LR Frieza
Hyper Rildo
Bye guys Goku Tao friend.
Before Creation, Comes Destruction.

User Info: CurrentBigThing

7 months ago#8 drop
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User Info: Da_PoloGhost

7 months ago#9
Like I been saying earlier. It was gonna be up 7:00 pst
Dokkan battle will be the death of me. And I am preparing for that day

User Info: WorldTrader

7 months ago#10
Wow this is hilariously easy now that we can finally use a mini god lead team.

Grandpa Gohan
Cyborg Tao
Rage Trunks
Crossover Goku
Hyper Metal Rildo
UR Frieza(the one who becomes LR) sa5...
Grandpa gohan friend

Frieza still hits for a lot thanks to his passive damage boost i can take away 1 health bar in 1 turn.Is this now a better and faster way to get medals? Or if a dupe comes up you dont get medals at all?
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