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User Info: McaaMadden

4 years ago#1
I question if you get anything for consecutively logging in for a full year. I've been logging in every day for about 230 Days total and my phone does not have service and can't access internet (I used the complementary hour of Xfinity WiFi already and am now on an old school Kindle Fire). Has anybody ever done that and what so they get for it? It's enough I'm missing the 20 stones everyday and Gogeta and other bonuses, should I have more to cry about for missing one day after logging in dozen of other days before a full log in anniversary?

User Info: Old_Solidus

4 years ago#2
I dont remember getting anything nice from regular consecutive, ever. Don't worry about them.
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User Info: Lss_Deadpool

4 years ago#3
No you don't, I'm at a consecutive 650 days and all you ever get is FP and Zeni... that exact same amount you get all the time.
I'm about to hit 751 days and you get Stones on that day and day 752 I wonder if it's anything good.
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User Info: Munkle555

4 years ago#4
Pretty sure for a year you get something like 10 ds and some elder kais
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