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User Info: Bookeeper

1 year ago#1
Which server do you "main"? - Results (115 votes)
15.65% (18 votes)
84.35% (97 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Which server do you primarily play and why?
I, myself, like to play on GLB because I understand the language.
And because the load time is not as horrible lol.

User Info: finalshadowx2

1 year ago#2
JP. I can read Japanese just fine. And for some reason GLB loads slower for me.
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User Info: BipBapBam

1 year ago#3
I only play JP. I had absolutely awful luck when I played Global to the point I rage quit the f*** out of it.

Edit: There's also a very... ''been there done that'' feeling whenever I try to play it again. I don't really care about anything new coming up since I've already done it on JP. Back when Gogeta came out on Global I immediately lost interest knowing JP already had a new God lead meta that Gogeta had no place in.
Cowboy Bip Bop

User Info: whatupeveryoneh

1 year ago#4
I like both but I primarily play on JP. I cannot read Japanese but I don't find it a problem at all since I never read stuff on that game. I greatly appreciate that GLB has no language problem for me and that it feels smoother (?). But I don't like the fact that by the time the "new thing" comes to GLB, there's far more cooler things and other new things on JP. That's the reason why I switched to JP, to play with new stuff as soon as possible. Still, I can appreciate the appeals of GLB version.

User Info: samxmas

1 year ago#5
Glb. Because I don't understand JP language. even if I can make out with memorizing or navigating around things. I dunno because I can't enjoy things in japanese language as much as when i can read them

I've had my experience when playing Megaman Star Force 3. I've had walkthrough in hands, but because I can't read Japanese. I couldn't enjoy the game, so I waited for the english version to came out... and sure it was a long wait :\
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User Info: GreatKiraLord

1 year ago#6
I can read JP so I see no point in playing GLB.

User Info: RenegadeT3S

1 year ago#7
finalshadowx2 posted...
JP. I can read Japanese just fine. And for some reason GLB loads slower for me.

I can't read it but I can navigate around just fine. I've been doing this for jp games since the psp days.

User Info: Sub-ZeroMKA

1 year ago#8
Global because I can't read Japanese
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User Info: Pythonidae

1 year ago#9
JPN. It's not really a game where you need to understand the language anyway.
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User Info: Uchiha7

1 year ago#10
I tried JPN but I'm on GLB for 2 reasons.
Can't read Japanese so it's nice to be able quickly recognise link names and being able to plan ahead with the stone bank.
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