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User Info: ExBahamut

1 year ago#11


no but I got the next best thing.
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User Info: jgok

1 year ago#12
I actually have one on my friend list

Only ur at the moment but still

User Info: tank169

1 year ago#13
I got Him took 6 multis

User Info: MikeSkeezy

1 year ago#14
tank169 posted...
I got Him

Niiice. I plan on doing only a few pulls tomorrow night. May the M on the forehead be with me
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User Info: SceptizardX

1 year ago#15
JoeGamingAxe posted...
MagustheHagus posted...
I dont think anyone on here has legit, besides on rerolls.

looks at jovana

It's funny cuz it's true
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User Info: tank169

1 year ago#16

User Info: GreatKiraLord

1 year ago#17
ExBahamut posted...


no but I got the next best thing.

You mean the better one not the next best thing

User Info: Champcb3

1 year ago#18
nope.. i gave myself a stone limit and didnt get him so eh.. i got the Teq one anyway so its ok for now.. until i get that summoning itch again lol
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