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User Info: kirby chao198

kirby chao198
4 years ago#1
I just had to change from an android phone to an iPhone and I saved my vault to the cloud on Android, but I'd love to get the vault on my iPhone. Otherwise I'm certainly not starting that over. Is there any solution to this? Maybe a recent update or an incoming update or something? Because so far, searching on Google leads me to believe that my vault will forever be gone :(
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User Info: c_s_tadsen

4 years ago#2
Pretty sure you can't transfer... Apple is super uptight about you being able to use or do anything at all without their permission- which they almost never give, unless it's got a lot of conditions attached (and a hefty price tag, usually). Like a hyper-over-protective parent or something. I don't know if the save file would even be compatible, given the difference in the operating systems. Your iPhone might not even be able to read it, even if you COULD move the save...
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User Info: SkinJob

4 years ago#3
You can do it. I took a save from my iPad and transferred it to PC and Android.

First, do you have an actual copy of your android save file?
If not, and you already got rid of your android phone, you could sync your cloud save to a bluestacks emulated version of the game, and copy the save file that way.

Next, you'll need to download the app on your iphone, and start a new save game in a different slot from the save game you wish to import (this will make it easier to confirm you're in the right folder when you insert your file).

Next, you'll back up your iphone to your computer, and then use a program to edit the backup files. Then, you'll "restore" your edited backup to your iphone.

I used iBackupbot for mac (also available for Windows) to access the game files in the backup - you'll need that to insert your save file. There is a possibility you'll simply be able to drag the save file directly into the correct folder on your iphone via the ibackupbot browser, as it treats phones as a readable drive, but you'll prbably have to drag it into the backup and flash that backup to your phone. I grabbed the corresponding backup save file for my save as well, though I'm not sure it was necessary.

(For those wishing to copy an IOS save to android or PC, just snag the save file from a backup using ibackupbot (I think I right clicked and selected export file or something) and dump it into the correct folder. No file format conflicts.)

Edit: here's something to help you with the protocol and save file location info you'll find in ibackupbot: https://www.reddit.com/r/foshelter/comments/3jx6lg/how_to_edit_your_83_ios_saves_without_jailbreak/
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